Lupillo Rivera confesses unexpected Chalino Sánchez

  • Almost 30 years after his cruel murder, more details of Chalino Sánchez emerge
  • Now, Lupillo Rivera reveals the unexpected of the January Nieves interpreter
  • “I was fortunate to have known him well,” said the singer.

No one would have guessed it. It was on May 15, 1992 that Chalino Sánchez, after giving a concert at the Bugambilias Hall in Culiacán, Sinaloa, in Mexico, was picked up and executed. He was just 32 years old. And now, Lupillo Rivera reveals the unexpected of the interpreter of Nieves de Enero.

Through his YouTube channel, Jenni Rivera’s brother, also known as El Toro del Corrido, shared a video that so far has more than 13 thousand views where he shares some previously unknown anecdotes of the Mexican singer.

“Chalino Sánchez was a starter person”: Lupillo Rivera

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“Chalino was the artist who began to get the wave of the corridos where he spoke of characters, he spoke of true waves, he spoke of weapons, names of weapons, calibers of weapons. I imagine that he composed the corridos based on seeing the person and then this person told him the story ”.

Comfortably seated enjoying a delicious coffee by the light of the fire, Lupillo Rivera also shared that the reason why he decided to make this video was because there are several people on social networks who speak what they imagine about the history of Chalino Sánchez and that they hear from other people.

“I was fortunate to have known him well”

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Next, Lupillo Rivera confessed that he had the good fortune to have known Chalino Sánchez well, in addition to having sat down to talk with him on several occasions about all the things that were said. Jenni Rivera‘s brother had the courage to ask her face to face with all the doubts she had.

“He always answered very firmly, very direct. Chalino was a starter person, that’s not how they say he received a threat while he sang and they say he received a threat and stayed still, no. Chalino, as I knew him, if he received a role with a threat, he would have stepped off the stage and looked for where that role came from ”.

Lupillo Rivera was a fan of Chalino Sánchez since he was young

Lupillo Rivera was a fan of Chalino Sánchez since he was young
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Jenni Rivera’s brother recalled that in September or October 1988 he had a stand where he sold cassettes and he was the only one at that time who played Chalino Sánchez records: “I remember being at the stand one day and I was listening to Chalino and two people arrived… ”.

“One of them asked me who was that who was playing and I told him it was Chalino Sánchez. I took out all the cassettes, they were like 6 and I put them all in and I told him that the bat was ‘good dog’ and that he sang ‘all mad…’. A lot of people didn’t like the way he sang, especially the women, the women hated the way he sang.

The singer ‘fell’ by surprise to Lupillo

The singer 'fell' by surprise to Lupillo
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Lupillo Rivera never imagined that one of the people to whom he was recommending the singer’s cassettes was nothing more and nothing less than Chalino Sánchez himself: “He told me that it was good that he was promoting his music and that he was driving me to see if he made his beard or was sincere ”.

“I told him that I sold his ‘machín’ material and he asked me where I had bought it. I replied that we were going to a distribution company with a Cuban, who was the only one who had Chalino’s cassettes, ”said El Toro del Corrido, who did not expect Chalino’s reaction when he told him that his father was Pedro Rivera.

“I’ve been looking for that old man for years”

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Chalino Sánchez, upon learning that Pedro Rivera was Lupillo’s father, confessed that he had been looking for “that old man” for years: “I took him to my father and told him that he was Chalino and that I was looking for him to record it. My father, already at that time, began to record various artists and from there they met ”.

“My dad told him: ‘yes, my son how ching … with your music, all the pin … day is touch and touch the material.’ And Chalino told him: ‘it’s that he sells, let’s see, he doesn’t touch yours because you don’t sell’ and that’s when the relationship started all mad … And that’s how Chalino came to our family, ”shared Lupillo Rivera.

“We lived with Chalino for a long time,” says Lupillo Rivera.

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When asked if he already liked ranchera music, Lupillo Rivera replied that his father always instilled in him a taste for this genre, especially by artists such as Vicente Fernández, Javier Solís, David Záizar and Chelo, among others, but I would still have another confession to make.

“I learned Norteño music with all the hills in the Long Beach neighborhood, with all the cholos who played Ramón Ayala, Cornelio Reyna, Tigres del Norte, and I sold cassettes in the streets from a very young age, I sold everything”, commented Jenni Rivera’s brother, who was just 9 years old when he started doing this activity.

Since childhood, Jenni Rivera’s brother discovered his taste for music

Since childhood, Jenni Rivera's brother discovered his taste for music
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It was at this time that Lupillo Rivera discovered his taste for music: “In 87 ′ my father put his label on, in 88 ′ we met Chalino and the net thus began Chalino Sánchez’s relationship with the Rivera family. At first, my mom didn’t like the way she sang, but I loved it. “

“I can tell you, proudly, and the people who went with me to high school can verify it, I had an old Camaro but with a good dog sound. I was the only one who came to school in the mornings and when I left class I was the only one who reverberated the music of Chalino Sánchez in 1989 ”.

They laughed at Lupillo for playing Chalino’s music

They laughed at Lupillo for playing Chalino's music
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Lupillo Rivera couldn’t help but smile when he remembered that African Americans, Americans, and Chinese people laughed at him for playing music by Chalino Sánchez, which they referred to as ‘circus music’: “To the countrymen, who were my age , they were embarrassed and turned around. They said: ‘How is this cab … playing that music?’

“My own friends told me why did I play that music and they told me to play something else. Not one of the girls wanted to ‘ride’ because I was playing Chalino at school and right now it’s a fad. In ’94 I was already singing, I had two recordings, but I began to sing seriously after Chalino, ”said Lupillo, referring to the cruel murder of the interpreter of Baraja de Oro.

His first success was a song dedicated to ‘El rey del corrido’

His first success was a song dedicated to 'El rey del corrido'
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About to finish with this ‘confession’, Lupillo Rivera shared that his first success was a corrido that his father, Pedro Rivera, composed for Chalino Sánchez, called El gallo de los Sánchez. The video of that musical theme was recorded on the train tracks where the students went to paint.

“We have many things to tell about Chalino, there are many things to clarify so that people know the real story, not why you heard it from one guy, you heard it from another and from another, it means that it is true,” concluded the brother. by Jenni Rivera without imagining the impact it would cause among Internet users.

They congratulate Jenni Rivera’s brother for telling the truth

They congratulate Jenni Rivera's brother for telling the truth
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Followers of the singer did not let much time pass to express their views after seeing this revealing video: “Until finally someone speaks the true truth of the story of the King of Corrido”, “Good story! Thank you for sharing with us! ”,“ That is very true, you have to have respect for Chalino! ”.

“That Lupillo recognizes who is the king of the corrido makes it more embarrassing …, also machín el Lupillo is raffled. Take out the loggerheads, Lupillo ”,“ Continue with your Chalino stories. It is heard that he speaks the truth “,” It is very true, compa Lupillo, Chalino was ching …, but you are also ching … “, you can read in more comments (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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