Lupillo Rivera confirms separation from Giselle Soto on Telemundo’s Hoy Dia after Loreto vacation

Lupillo Rivera breaks silence on break up with Giselle Soto, dispels infidelity rumors and shares insights into their shared life post-split.

A few days ago, it was rumored that Lupillo Rivera is single again since everything seemed to indicate that his relationship with Giselle Soto had ended because supposedly the young beauty expert had been unfaithful to the “Toro del Corrido” with a famous boxer.

Although some journalists sought Lupillo Rivera to talk about the subject a few days ago, the singer did not want to talk because he said it was not the time or the way, so he hung up the phone. However, the singer is calmer this time and speaks openly for a television program. He confirmed that he had been separated from Giselle Soto for several months.

Why did they separate?

During the red carpet of a movie, the singer agreed to talk to the microphones of Telemundo’s morning show “Hoy Dia,” where Lupillo Rivera made it clear that he has been a single man again since last January.

“What I can tell you is that our relationship was already affected since November, in January when we were on vacation in Loreto, that’s when she and I really sat down and we realized that it was the end of our relationship…”

Lupillo Rivera
Photo: IG @lupilloofficial
Photo: IG @lupilloofficial

The singer also said that people began to suspect their relationship was not going well because on February 14 they did not celebrate the Day of Love. Although they were no longer together since last January, they still lived together.

According to Lupillo himself, he shared the same roof with Giselle Soto only because his now ex-partner was not given her apartment until this month; when asked if it is true that Soto was unfaithful “El Toro del Corrido” assured that she has not done anything wrong.

“As a man, I have to come out and say, please, the girl has done nothing wrong…Giselle is a woman who gave me three years of her life…” said Lupillo.

Photo: IG @lupilloofficial
Photo: IG @lupilloofficial

Lupillo wishes her luck in her new love affair.

Like a gentleman, after Lupillo Rivera made it clear that his ex-girlfriend has done nothing wrong, and although he is not sure if Giselle Soto is starting a new relationship, if it is true, he wishes them the best.

As I said, the relationship has been affected since November, it’s been almost 8 months, so you learn to accept that there will be changes, programming yourself that you can see her with someone else, she is young and if she is in a relationship I wish them the best in the world, I hope it goes well.”

Lupillo Rivera

Finally, Lupillo was asked if, as he did with his other ex-partners, he also tattooed his leather in honor of his love for Giselle Soto. Although he did not confirm or deny it, this is what the regional Mexican singer said: “Hmmm, I can’t answer that because I can’t show the tattoo anyway,” Lupillo finished.