Lupillo Rivera’s ex falls off a skateboard

  • Mayeli Alonso suffers a spectacular accident and ends up in emergencies
  • The ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera tells on social networks how he suffered his fall
  • Apparently it was all the fault of a skateboard that caused his fall

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident. The famous businesswoman Mayeli Alonso, ex-wife of the group music singer Lupillo Rivera, once again gives what to talk about on social networks, now due to a supposed fall where she even ended up in emergencies, the young woman tells her story of her spectacular accident that she suffered this Weekend.

It was through her Instagram account that Mayeli Alonso shared a series of text images where she explains step by step how she suffered this accident that forced her to stop at the hospital. Apparently the culprit could have been a skateboard that got in his way.

Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife suffers an accident

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident

It should be remembered that the businesswoman has already been involved in the controversy, since she previously starred in an incident at an airport in Mexico, where she argued with the employees of a famous airline, for making her miss a flight, she was even arrested with her ex partner.

Her story begins when Lupillo Rivera‘s ex shares in her stories a video where she is cooking meat on the grill, but added a text that says: “I was going to eat a HotDog, but I saw one of those skateboards on which the people of LA and I decided to get on one ”.

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: He went to the emergency room

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: He went to the emergency room

The businesswoman continued with her story of her accident in different images shared on her social network profile, according to her texts Mayeli suffered a fall on a skateboard that tried to get on it, but things did not turn out as she expected: “Long story short , I fell ”, said in the snapshots.

He even mentions that he went to the emergency room due to the blow he suffered in his fall, apparently he damaged his ribs: “I came to the emergency room because my ribs are injured and my arm, since I literally flew. I hope nothing broke, “wrote the businesswoman on her social network.

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: She was hit hard

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: She was hit hard

The fall of the ex-wife of the singer Lupillo Rivera was so strong that she herself said that she hit the part of the ribs, where her relatives immediately transferred her to the emergency room to check that she had not suffered any broken bones in her ribs. .

It was in another of her writings where Mayeli Alonso explains in a rather vulgar way how she hit her body, after trying to get on a skateboard, while she was in a meeting with her friends and family: “I gave myself a mega put… mega mega, Acme brand, ”she said in her Instagram stories, then posted a photo of her at the Hospital.

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: “If she had a small fracture”

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: "If you had a small fracture"

To finish her story of her skateboarding accident, Mayeli affirmed that she did suffer a small fracture in her hand, but that she is now stable at home, lying on her bed to rest and quickly heal the injuries from her fall. He even said that he would do a Live explaining everything.

“I’m already in my bed, if I had a small fracture in my right wrist. But nothing happens. Tomorrow I will tell you in a Live how everything happened, “wrote the businesswoman on her social network. He also shared an image where you can see how he is resting in his bed.

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: She shows off her fitness body

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: She shows off her fitness body

The businesswoman constantly brags about her physical condition on social networks, posting images where she is seen in sportswear and drinking nutritious drinks where she has received several compliments from different users. On several occasions, Mayeli shares photos on her Instagram account where it is seen that exercise and diet are giving results, since she looks slimmer and more beautiful than ever.

Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident: The video published by Daisy Cabaral

The video published by Daisy Cabaral
VIDEO: Instagram

Previously, Mayeli Alonso “faced” Jenni Rivera‘s brother after the singer argued his annoyance at the video that his ex-partner published on social networks. Faced with this, the American businesswoman responds openly: “There are people in your family who teach the buttocks, and that I think is a bigger trauma “

It was on July 15 when the ex-associate of Mayeli Alonso, Daisy Cabral would publish a news through her Instagram stories where you could see a video of Lupillo Rivera’s ex dancing on a table, while, in the words of Daisy , Mayeli was completely drunk.

Mayeli Alonso faces Lupillo Rivera

face Lupillo Rivera
VIDEO: Instagram

Given this, and through a live Instagram, Mayeli Alonso spoke about this video that Daisy Cabral published, confessing that her ex, the singer Lupillo Rivera, had been very upset, arguing about what kind of image the businesswoman could give her be giving your children:

“A video began to be broadcast, where a wrong image of what I am as a mother was given, after this, my ex takes a video where he says that he had not liked something he had seen in a video in a restaurant, because supposedly he swears that my daughter was at that table, she was not at that table “, Mayeli Alonso began. Filed Under: Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident.

“You know that I take good care of my children”

"You know that I take good care of my children"
VIDEO: Instagram

Later, Mayeli Alonso continues to say part of what Lupillo Rivera confessed: “He said that it was something that he was going to fix because it bothered him a lot, that a person was dancing and joking as if he were going to lower his pants, that the truth is that everyone has his way of having fun ”.

“On the other hand, my daughter was near me, at another table, let me clarify, I know that you know, Lupe, perfectly, that if someone takes good care of my children it is me, maybe it bothered you that it was already late and the girl was with me, you were bothered by what happened, that she saw that ”after this, Mayeli attacked Lupillo’s family openly, throwing in her face the photographs that, in her words, her family appears showing her body. Filed Under: Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident.

“There are people in your family who teach up to their buttocks”

"There are people in your family who show up to their buttocks"
VIDEO: Instagram

As if that were not enough, Mayeli Alonso’s arguments did not end there, since the businesswoman “went straight to the jugular” of Lupillo, commenting that her daughter sees worse things on the internet: “But I think there are times that my daughter has I’ve seen other types of things on the internet about your family that can be more traumatic, there are people in your family who show their buttocks, and I think that is a bigger trauma for a child ”.

“And nothing happens,” Mayeli continued, “because she is a very mature girl, and because my daughter knows the limits of things, I wonder that you think that because you know a respectful girl who has never yelled at you, nor did you she has not asked for a peso, nor has she bothered or judged, thanks to the fact that I have raised her as a decent young lady ”. Filed Under: Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident.

“Education that people you know lack”

"Education that people you know lack"
Video: Instagram

The American businesswoman does not end there, since after commenting that to Lupillo, Mayeli Alonso argued that the singer is bothered that they go out to parties, but it does not bother her when she pays her children’s tuition, nor is he aware of them: “It bothers you to see us having fun at parties, doing some kind of weird dances that all the people who have fun do, it bothers you a lot.”

“But it doesn’t bother you that I pay your children’s tuition, right? It doesn’t bother you that I have a driver for them 24 hours a day by the time you talk to my son, I’ll take him to the door from your house, whatever time it is, because there are times when you don’t even give them a ride ”, he confessed fearlessly after Lupillo Rivera claimed him for the video on social networks. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE Filed Under: Mayeli Alonso suffers an accident.

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