Lupillo Rivera’s new song Reputación raises speculations about his past romance with Belinda

The regional Mexican singer assured that he is not willing to return to many of his ex-partners, not even in an apocalyptic scenario.

Lupillo Rivera, the regional Mexican singer, is stirring speculation among fans with his latest song, “Reputación”. According to Rivera himself, the song bears striking similarities to one of his passionate past affairs. Notably, the song was composed by a fan, demonstrating Rivera’s openness to new songwriters.

As the brother of Jenni Rivera, Lupillo has been reticent to share the specifics of “Reputación”. However, he has implied a significant connection to one of his former partners. His previous relationship, which concluded amicably in May 2023, was with Giselle Soto, as both parties have confirmed.

One of the mysteries surrounding “Reputación” is the identity of the woman in question. In a recent interview with Televisa, Rivera refused to name the ex-partner who inspired the song. Instead, he hinted that listeners would naturally make the connection upon hearing the track. “There are actions that only people will be able to find out, I have to reserve the name for the welfare,” he said.

El cantante finalizó su última relación en mayo de 2023. Según contaron tanto él como Giselle Soto, concluyeron su romance en buenos términos. (Instagram/@lupilloriveraofficial)
The singer ended his last relationship in May 2023. As he and Giselle Soto told, they concluded their romance on good terms. (Instagram/@lupilloriveraofficial).

Intriguingly, Rivera met pop singer Belinda in 2019 when they were both coaches on TV Azteca’s “La Voz”. The pair were rumored to have a passionate romance, which was seemingly confirmed when Rivera tattooed Belinda’s face on his arm. However, after the relationship ended, Rivera covered the tattoo with a drawing of his son.

Despite the potential backlash from his former lovers, Rivera remains unafraid. He assures, “They have not stopped protesting. It’s a problem. Whatever comes, let it come. I don’t oppose, I keep insisting, and I keep saying that I wish them the best in the world and that they give it their all”. He also made it clear that he wouldn’t consider reuniting with any of his past partners, even under the most dire circumstances.

Belinda y Lupillo Rivera se conocieron en 2019 cuando trabajaban juntos en "La Voz" de TV Azteca (Foto: Instagram)
Belinda and Lupillo Rivera met in 2019 when they worked together on TV Azteca’s “La Voz” (Photo: Instagram).

As Rivera has chosen not to reveal the identity of the ex-partner in question, speculation has arisen that “Reputación” may pertain to Belinda. After their alleged affair, Belinda began a relationship with Christian Nodal that almost led to marriage.

Belinda and Rivera shared a season on La Voz México in 2019, which was the singer’s return to Mexican television after a lengthy hiatus. They were part of a coaching team alongside Ricardo Montaner and Yahir, and it was during this period that rumors of their love affair began.

El cantante aseguró que cubrió el tatuaje que se hizo en honor de Belinda con un dibujo de su hijo. (Instagram)
The singer assured that he covered the tattoo he got in Belinda’s honor with a drawing of his son (Instagram).

Did Lupillo Rivera have an affair with Belinda?

However, Rivera has remained consistently respectful when discussing his past with Belinda. In an interview with Yordi Rosado, he said, “I’ve always been careful when answering anything about Belinda, simply because I try to respond as a gentleman. I have never spoken badly about Belinda. We had a nice time, we had our history, our time, and we were happy.” He added, “I have always wished her the best, I have always wished her to find happiness and to find her identity with a man, to look for the right man who will make her completely happy. I never wish her ill and that she moves on.”

Tan solo unas semanas después de su rompimiento, Belinda comenzó una relación con Christian Nodal que casi termina en matrimonio.(Instagram: @nodal)
Just a few weeks after her breakup, Belinda started a relationship with Christian Nodal that almost ended in marriage. (Instagram: @nodal)

This story of love, music, and speculation continues to unfold, with Lupillo Rivera’s “Reputación” at its center. As fans and followers listen and interpret, the true inspiration behind the song remains an enticing mystery.