Luppa Store, the best online collectible toys store

In addition, these toys can have great sentimental value, since every collector feels great satisfaction when finding all the pieces they need to put together a complete collection, be it from a movie, series or brand to which the characters belong.

In Luppa Store you can find the best collectible toys, for children and collectors, they are one of the stores with the greatest variety in the market, and they can also be found in several countries.

Luppa Store has more than a decade offering its products

It is a store with more than 10 years of experience, which is responsible for creating, developing and marketing collectible toys and exclusive content, being one of the most prominent on the market, since it has the best children’s and collector’s licenses, to take to their customers the best characters and various themed products.

This online collectible toy store stands out for its experience, innovation, but above all for its commitment and the quality it offers, to always offer its customers the best.

Luppa Store is a brand that is based in Mexico, it also has several offices in the United States, Peru and Spain, it also has offices in Shenzhen – China; where it is responsible for distributing the best collectibles.

Among the most recognized brands they offer are: Disney, Universal, Warner, Hasbro and Viacom; with lots of collectible characters available.

In addition, it offers a 15% discount for new customers on their first purchase, which is valid for 7 days from the subscription, but is not cumulative with other promotions, so it is convenient to take advantage of this period of time when subscribing to the website of the store.

What services does Luppa Store offer?

Luppa Store not only offers toys, it also has other products from different categories such as: Books, publications, children’s collections and articles that are related to leisure and entertainment.

It is a company with the most passionate and committed team to bring new, quality products to customers and that also offers:

They offer safe purchases

Luppa Store is a store with years of experience, it also has an excellent reputation among its customers, offering users risk-free purchases, with the highest security and data protection, so that customers can buy safely.

It allows you to make purchases online, without having to leave home, all through its website, where you can view the catalog and all the necessary details of each product.

Official Products

By having the licenses of recognized brands, their products are completely original, they are also developed by the same brand, so you can find the best collectible toys and other items from a wide range of brands and movies.

Offer convenient forms of payment

To further facilitate purchases, Luppa Store provides facilities and forms of payment, so that customers can make payments through: Credit card, debit card and also through Paypal.

They provide personalized attention

Where they respond to all the doubts and requests of their clients, to offer a better experience and avoid any inconvenience.

Totally secure shipments

Luppa Store offers shipments throughout the country, with the highest security and the commitment that users will receive the products they have purchased in good condition.

All this and more makes the Luppa Store the virtual store par excellence, where collectors can find the best exclusive collectibles from favorite series, movies and characters, with limited editions for fans.