Luxury Manhattan condo The Ventana becomes site of fatal fall on Sunday night

Victim fell from luxury 15-story Manhattan building and landed on the roof of a much shorter structure where he was pronounced dead by EMS

In a tragic turn of events on Sunday night, a man met his demise after plunging from a high-end Manhattan residential skyscraper onto a neighboring rooftop, as informed by local authorities.

Discovered on the rooftop of 154 E 85th Street in the upscale district of the Upper East Side, the man was found mere minutes before 11:15 p.m. He was subsequently pronounced dead on the scene by Emergency Medical Services, the New York Police Department has confirmed.

The nature of the man’s injuries pointed to a fall, as noted by officials. Meanwhile, the definitive cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner’s forthcoming report.

According to officials, the ill-fated individual apparently descended from the adjacent 15-story condominium edifice situated at 150 E 85th Street, only to land on a significantly smaller structure.

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The ritzy apartment block in question, known as The Ventana, boasts units with seven-figure price tags. As reported by a real estate liaison, the property provides round-the-clock doorman services, a remodeled entrance hall, and lifts, complemented by a fitness hub and laundry facilities on alternating floors for its tenants.

The New York Post disclosed that the NYPD is yet to identify the deceased, as efforts to reach out to his family members are underway.

Amid this unfortunate incident, detectives have found no grounds to suspect any criminal activity linked to the man’s death.