Lyn May assured that J Balvin was angry with her for mentioning it in her song “La loba”

(Photo: Cuartoscuro / Instagram)

It was in the month of December when Lyn May returned to the charge in his musical side with the theme The wolf, a single that immediately drew attention for its reggaeton rhythm and a curious verse where the starlet acapulqueña mentions J Balvin.

And it is that the song arose as a response to Bitch, the song that the Colombian launched in November 2021, for which he received a lot of criticism because in the video of the single you can see subjecting various women, who appear on all fours, chained and wearing prosthetic dog masks, which was considered a misogynistic and macho insult on the part of the urban music singer.

After the release of the song by the also actress, Lyn May fans showed their support by downloading the song. And with his presentation of the single in a nightclub in Mexico City, the dancer assured that her song has climbed the popularity charts worldwide to the degree of reaching first place. So he said:

Lyn may
Lyn May said she was at her future husband’s house (Photo: Instagram / @ lyn_may_)

“Every day they support me more, they already have me up to the top, with The wolf, is succeeding The wolf Worldwide, We already have the first place and I love that and it is a double celebration. The song The wolf with Lyn May and that they continue to support her because she is up to the first place right now, “said the starlet in video call with the program First hand.

The 69-year-old famous said that the reggaeton player alluded to in her song was upset with her when hearing a phrase that appears in one of the stanzas of The wolf.

J Balvin complained to me, he got angry with me, because he received the song badly. He’s angry because I told him ‘you bastard, why are you attacking the women in the song’ and he got upset. But he is a bastard, why is he taking that video where he whips women. But he’s already mad at me too, why is he doing those things. Women respect each other, if he was born to a womanWell, no shit, because if not, I am going to mention it well. I’m going to screw it, ”said the famous Mexican fictional film actress.

J Balvin
J Balvin (Instagram /)