Lyn May attacks Karol G by assuring that “she has a tamale body”

Lyn Maystage name by which Liliana Mendiola Mayanes is known within the world of Mexican entertainment, traveled to Los Angeles, California to celebrate the release of ‘Claro que yes’, his new song. However, the detail that caught our attention is that came to the event wearing a blue wigwhich caused was compared to Carol G.

When questioned by the reporter from the program El Gordo y La Flaca about whether her look was a tribute to the reggaetonera of Colombian origin, the veteran vedette he exploded and lashed out at him by criticizing his physique: “Don’t compare me to that old woman, she’s fat, I’m fine. I have my waist, she has no waist, she is very even, she looks like a tamale”.

Visibly angry, she recalled the accusations she made against Anitta and reiterated that the artists of the urban genre have copied his style: “Poor things don’t know, they’ve copied everything from me and since they don’t think, they grab the videos and copy. Showing the buttocks is very easy, what fashion is that”.

He gives controversial advice to Karol G

Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, real name of the vedette, took advantage of the occasion to give fit advice to reggaetoneras. The Mexican vedette of Chinese descent has been the target of cruel ridicule due to her deformed face.

In another interview, now for the Sin Rollo program, the veteran file movie star revealed that appeared at the event with a blue wig to take revenge for all the times that “La Bichota” has copied him. Finally, she took the opportunity to give him some fitness advice so that she has a spectacular body like hers.

“Let him start exercising, because he has a body like a tamale and his buttocks are all flattened. Let him do squats, 500 squats a day… These are tips that I give to the girls, I don’t insult them or anything”, was the forceful message of Lyn May.

What happened to Lyn May?

The Mexican star of Chinese descent has been the target of cruel ridicule due to her deformed face.

AmericanPost.News previously mentioned to you that Lyn May ended up with a deformed face because she wanted to inject collagen into her cheekbones but instead received a dose of edible oil. Faced with this situation, she fell into a strong depression and was even on the verge of suicide and today she has learned to deal with this problem.

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