Lyn May baby clings to alleged pregnancy and reveals gender

  • Lyn May clings to her pregnancy and assures that she will have a boy
  • The Mexican starlet does not give in to rumors that everything is a ‘farce’
  • An ultrasound would reveal that the actress and singer is not lying?

A few weeks after Lyn May left everyone stunned with the announcement of her supposed pregnancy, she now has ‘proofs’ of the baby that she apparently carries in her womb and that is through her Instagram stories, the actress and singer of almost 70 years old showed an ultrasound that surprised friends and strangers.

Since the star entered as a participant in the segment ‘Quiero Cantar’, of the Mexican morning ‘Venga la Alegría’, the Mexican film diva has been on everyone’s lips for her way of singing, her particular way of speaking and now for the pregnancy of the that at first he did not want to speak.

Lyn May has proof of her alleged pregnancy

Lyn May pregnancy
Instagram: Come Happiness

The criticism, mockery and comments of impact from people who follow the morning and Lyn May’s career, did not wait since weeks ago she published that she was three months old, although she did not clarify that she was pregnant, she did say that the supposed father he is who he calls ‘nephew’, Markos D1, singer, model and designer.

“I am very happy to announce that I have 3 months of surprises and @ markosd1official will be very happy to be a dad. #lynMay # MarkosD1 # baby # gift # mom “, published at that time in a very romantic photo hugging Markos D1 and now gives proof of what he was talking about.

An ultrasound makes everyone shocked by ‘the baby’ of Lyn May at 68 years

Lyn May baby pregnancy

After the controversial news, Lyn May was questioned in the morning ‘Venga la Alegría’ about the supposed ‘sweet wait’, but refused to give statements about it; However, days later he gave a few words clarifying that it was all a joke, since Markos D1 is like ‘his son’ or ‘nephew’, as he calls her ‘aunt’.

Given the confusion of the followers of the participant of the segment in the show, this Monday, August 16, on the Instagram of ‘Venga la Alegría’, an ultrasound published on Lyn May’s account was shown announcing that the star would have a child, generating even more controversy.

Will Lyn May’s baby be a boy?

Lyn May baby

The controversy is that Lyn May, 68, would no longer be of reproductive age, in addition to the fact that the 3 months of pregnancy are not noticed anywhere, since she shows a belly in the dresses that she wears for her presentations in ‘I want Sing ‘, adding the’ strange ‘of ultrasound.

For the supposed three months of pregnancy that she has, the product that is noticed in the ultrasound leaves more doubts than confirmations, since it is possible to see a baby that is already very large and formed, which would not correspond to the supposed gestation period that Lyn May ensures you have.

Lyn May causes controversy over alleged pregnancy

Lyn May pregnancy baby

‘It’s a boy’ (‘it’s a boy’), is what can be read in the ultrasound together with some drawings of a stroller and a stork, but the people on the Instagram of ‘Venga la Alegría’ had no mercy and said: ” Perhaps she is not the one who is pregnant, but if she will have a baby through a surrogate, it may be “,” That baby is very big and she doesn’t even have a belly “,” After a while she will say that she had an abortion because she made an effort to sing “.

And they continued: “It may be a borrowed womb, the husband is young and if she wants to be a mother again, it is her right”, “Do not stain the Lyn now or with compensation or in vitro she becomes pregnant to whom I ask to rent the belly? “,” I think that from what you see, your baby will be adopted “,” That baby is too big, “they wrote.

They show their flexibility and they tell them that the baby will fall out.

VIDEO: Instagram

“The child is going to come out.” Mexican actress and vedette Lyn May worried everyone on social networks by showing her incredible flexibility, while doing an impressive split and followers of the program Tell me what you know, They claim that the baby will come out if you keep doing that kind of thing.

It was a few days ago when the Mexican star Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, artistically known as Lyn May, surprised everyone by reporting that she was pregnant at 68 years old, and despite the fact that much is said that it may be a joke on the part of the actress , several followers are ‘worried’ about her.

They show their flexibility and they tell them that the baby will fall out.

PHOTO: Instagram

And it seems that the native of Acapulco likes to be in the public eye, since after announcing that she was expecting a baby, Lyn May appeared a few days later showing her incredible flexibility, while she appeared doing a split, which which caused endless comments about it.

It was through the account of the program Tell me what you know where the film actress appeared lying on the floor with her legs completely apart, at the bottom of this short clip, the account wrote: “Lyn May shocks more than one by showing how flexible she is still at 68 years of age. age”.

Will the baby come out? Show her flexibility and get “nagged”

PHOTO: Screenshot Drop the soup

In the video, which was published on August 12, Lyn May was seen lying on the floor while doing an incredible split, verifying that she still has the physical skills that characterized her in her youth, demonstrating it in various productions cinematographic films, as well as her work as a star.

After this small clip, which already exceeds more than a million reproductions just days after being shared, many followers of the program began to arrive, where some of them were concerned, arguing that the ‘baby would come out and that I better stop doing that.

“Ridiculous”: Lyn May shows her flexibility and they scold her, they say that the baby will come out

PHOTO: Screenshot

Various users began to arrive, where the millions of followers of the program Tell me what you know They were quite surprised by Lyn May’s flexibility, while others were ‘concerned’ about her supposed pregnancy, even commenting that the baby was going to come out.

Such was the case of the same host of the program Tell me what you know Alex Rodríguez, who commented the following: “The baby is going to shoot out,” causing several followers to start arguing the same as the television presenter: “Leave her, she’s in labor hahahaha.”

A joke? Lyn May tells the truth about her pregnancy

Lyn May pregnancy baby

More comments kept coming to the video where Lyn May showed flexibility, where followers affirmed that the baby would soon come out of doing a split like this: “Hey, and that doesn’t hurt the baby?” with three months pregnant can you do that? Oh, my God”.

Another flat fan commented that if she continued with that, the “little theater” that she was pregnant would fall off: “The pregnancy will fall if she continues with her antics”, “girl the child will come out”, “If she keeps spreading her legs, the baby will fall, what a ridiculous lady”, “that’s why they made her a son hahaha”, were some of the many comments that could be read. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE

“We are living in this sad, terrible time”

Lyn May pregnancy baby

In addition to confirming that it is she who directly manages her Instagram account, Lyn May pointed out that the surprise that she will give next is linked to making women feel good in times of pandemic. The Acapulco vedette, who according to her biographies is 68 years old, surprised everyone with a message shared on Sunday in which she alluded to a pregnancy.

“You have to laugh at something, you have to get something that people are distracted, that they are not seeing pure deaths, sick people, because you don’t know how they died, even colleagues, then you have to get things that distract people,” said Lyn yesterday by phone. “I’m the one who handles everything on my Instagram, suddenly things come to me and I say: ‘well, my period is late, I’m pregnant,'” she said, smiling. Filed Under: Lyn May Baby Flexibility

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