Lyn May is ‘sugar mommy’? This video reveals it all

Lyn May It is an icon of file cinema and the date does not lose validity, because despite its age it continues to look spectacular and they have thousands of fans, but of course, it has always been controversial, and now it published a new video where he confesses to be ‘sugar mommy‘, you have to see it!

On AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that the famous rose to success thanks to the fact that for many years she was a star, and now and with a few years on her achievements do not decline, as she is very popular on social networks.

Previously we told you how it looks without makeup; however, now we will share a video that shows what support could be like for the youngest.

Lyn May Posts Revealing Video Is She Already a ‘Sugar Mommy’?

It was through her official Instagram account that the famous published a video in the company of Julián Caballero, a singer-songwriter from Michoacán who is looking to win the challenge #MotelDeCarretera and who apparently has chosen Lyn as his “sugar mommy”.

In the video the vedette wrote:

“CC You play Sugar!”

And he added:

“To cry for 3 days, and then… to get a Sugar!! Support @juliancaballeromx and join the #MotelDeCarretera Challenge.”

With this, the famous confirms that she is not afraid of criticism and that being a ‘sugar mommy’ would not keep her awake at night.

How old is Limay?

Lyn. Photo:

She is 70 years old, since she was born in 1952 in Acapulco de Juárez, Guerrero, Mexico, her real name is Liliana Mendiola Mayanes and although she is Mexican, she has Chinese ancestry, hence her characteristic features.

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