Lyn May style? PHOTO of Adal Ramones opens discussion about botox

Mexico. The one who goes viral on social networks and becomes a trend this day with an image of him is Adal Ramones, who he looks “rejuvenated” apparently from the use of botox.

“Unrecognizable”, that is what Adal Ramones fans say that he looks like in a recent image that he shares on Instagram and where he sees himself much younger than he is.

The famous host of the show Another Roll shows a radical change in his face, that’s why many network users say that he has had Botox, but also that he has already abused it.

instagram photo

Adal has always said in interviews that he likes to look good and feel good, that’s why he exercises and eats healthy, but he also cares about his skin and that is why he always takes care of her.

Now he shows that he apparently underwent a new treatment that will allow him to stop the ravages of the passing of the years on his face and he looks quite youthful.

Ramones is 60 years old and in the picture he is wearing now he looks about 40, That is why his followers on Instagram are amazed and many make him see that he looks incredible, but others ask him not to abuse Botox anymore.

The famous driver of other projects on television such as The Academy has said on other occasions that he underwent surgery to improve his appearance, this when he was 57 years old, precisely before working on the aforementioned reality show.

Also Adal Ramones underwent liposuction to lose a few sizesalthough so far he has not given more details about the procedures he has undergone.

One of them was at the age of 57, when he decided to thoroughly investigate surgery to improve his appearance. Although he said he was scared, he underwent a facial just before entering “The Academy”.

Adal Ramones has also previously noted that liposuction was done to reduce some sizesalthough he has not given more details about the procedures to which he has undergone.

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Adal is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León and as a host he has participated in other programs such as Dancing for a Dream, Singing for a Dream, Telethon, Telethon El Salvador and Telethon Costa Rica.

Adal Ramones is always working and is currently carrying out the theater project Chavorrucos, together with Adrián Uribe and Omar Chaparro, which will soon be on stage.

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