Macabre game causes more than 10 minors to be detained in a pantheon

It all happened in the state of Durango, the police arrested more than a dozen minors, after they were seen playing something macabre in a Pantheon, know the details!

In AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that everything happened last Wednesday, January 26, 2022, in the East Pantheon of said federal entity.

Previously we told you that pantheons in Iztapalapa will be monitored with drones; however, now we will tell you why several young people ended up arrested after being found playing in one of these places of eternal rest, you will not believe it!

For this young people were detained in a pantheon

Arrested youth. Photo: Ouija board. Photo:

It was the Duranguense police that arrested 12 minors of approximately 14 and 17 years of age, it was learned that 3 were women and 9 men.

It was learned that the arrest was due to the fact that they entered the place at 10:30 p.m. and caused a scandal by playing with a Ouija board, because they laughed and shouted, when discovered by the guards, they notified the authorities and were arrested accused of causing public disturbances.

It is known that at the beginning the guards saw 15 young people, but after calling 911 and when the patrols arrived, 3 of them managed to escape.

It is important to mention that it was reported that one of the young women was drugged with marijuana, after being arrested they were all taken to their respective families.

If you want to know more about this macabre game you have to watch the video How the Ouija works.

What is the Ouija?

Ouija. Photo:

It is a board that has the letters of the alphabet carved on it, as well as other signs referring to spiritism, and an object is slid over it to indicate the signs and thus be able to decipher the messages that the spirits of the dead send.

This reminds us when the Civil Pantheon of Iztapalapa reported saturation by dead.

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