Macarena Achaga thus welcomes her 30 years

It is Macarena Achaga who took advantage of her trip to the beach to celebrate her 30th birthday with Juanpa Zurita.

Actress Macarena Achaga took a break from her work projects to go to the beach to celebrate her 30th birthday, and to complete her joy, she went with her partner Juanpa Zurita.

Achaga confessed that she had already wanted to go to the beach, especially on one of her birthdays, but because she had several projects going on, she hadn’t had the time, but it was this year that she finally made it.

It was on her Instagram account that she shared the emotional moments she lived with Juanpa Zurita, she commented that although it seems simple for her, it was a dream to be able to spend a birthday in this way.

Macarena Achaga’s boyfriend also dedicated an emotional message to her.

Macarena Achaga in a bathing suit with a pink cake with her feet in bubbly water
The actress’s boyfriend also dedicated an emotional message to her.

The actress who played the character of Michelle Salas in the Luis Miguel bioseries, received an emotional message from her boyfriend Juanpa Zurita, with whom she enjoyed this trip, she wrote to him:

“Congratulations to this magical woman. Congratulations on earning everything you’ve built- alone.”

Juanpa Zurita

He also highlighted that Macarena has always taken risks to achieve her dreams and that she is attentive to her family as well as the people who love her, the actress did respond to Juanpa’s publication.

How did Juanpa and Macarena meet?

Juanpa Zurita and macarena Achaga holding themselves in an act of affection.
This is how Juanpa and Macarena met.

According to the information, Argentine actress Macarena Achaga and influencer Juanpa Zurita met during the filming of the second season of the series dedicated to Luis Miguel.