Madonna defends her NFT without clothes and the 3D of her sex: “I am giving birth to art”

madonna is not obsessed with criticism about the NFT that undresses his body. The 63-year-old Queen of Pop worked with non-expendable token artist Beeple to create an NFT that blew fans and critics alike.

The NFT contained some very NSFW graphics that featured the “Like a Virgin” singer stark naked and giving birth to butterflies, bugs, and trees. The collection even includes a 3D model of his vagina. Madonna now defends the use of her nude body in a new interview she did with Beeple creator Mike Winkelmann.

“I am doing what women have been doing since the beginning of time, which is giving birth,” the mother of six said in a chat shared on her Instagram account on Wednesday. “But on a more existential level, I am giving birth to art and creativity and we would be lost without both,” she continued.

Proceeds from Madonna’s NFT will be donated

Madonna defends her NFT without clothes and the 3D of her sex: “I am giving birth to art.”

Proceeds from the NFT, titled “Mother of Creation,” will be given to the National Bail Out, V-Day and Voices of Children charities. The “Evita” actress added: “I think it’s really important that a lot of thought and conversation went into creating these videos.”

Madonna and the artist then discussed their vision for the artwork and what they both wanted to represent. “I say we need a forest with creepy crawlies coming out of me,” Madonna joked. “It’s not often that a robot centipede comes out of my vagina.”

“My journey through life as a woman is like that of a tree. Starting from a small seed, always pushing against the resistance of the Earth. The infinite weight of gravity,” she concluded.

What is the purpose of the NFT according to Madonna?

On Wednesday, the “Music” singer said in a statement that the purpose of the NFT was to “investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity.”

Fans groaned and grumbled about her nude photos and tweeted their thoughts on the matter. “Madonna’s latest NFT. If I saw it, you have to see it too. NFT should stand for NO FKN TACT,” one wrote.

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