Madonna humiliates 50 Cent after making fun of her photos She put him in his place!

Madonna, the well-known all-star singer nicknamed “Queen of Pop”, recently shocked her fans after she exploded against rapper 50 Cent, who made fun of a photoshoot that Instagram platform deleted.

That is why The Queen of Pop questioned her friendship with the singer of “In da Club” and told him that he is only speaking badly of her, especially when the interpreter of Vogue published some photos in lingerie. However, the famous social network deleted them, but she was able to upload them again.

It should be noted that these images were shared by Curtis James Jackson III, the real name of the American artist, who treated the singer Madonna like an old lady and tried to promote a challenge with one of his most provocative images, taking as a reference the classic Like a Virgin, launched in 1983.

Madonna’s response to 50 Cent

It seems that the icon of pop music did not take the comments of the rapper from New York with good humor, and she launched against him with a harsh response, so she took her Instagram account to upload some photos with the singer 50 Cent in those who posted some strong messages:

“Here’s 50 Cent pretending to be my friend.”

He continued in her message: “Now you decided to talk about me like that. I guess your new career is getting attention by trying to humiliate others on social media. The least elevated choice that you could make as an artist and as an adult ”, she stated.

“You are jealous that you will not look as good as me, nor will you have so much fun when you are my age!”, Concluded the singer of hits such as La Isla Bonita and Medellín, a single in which she collaborates with Maluma.

50 Cent apologizes to Madonna

To the singer and actor 50 Cent had no choice but to post on his Twitter account an apology to Madonna and also deleted his post from Instagram:

“I must have hurt Madonna‘s feelings, she went and dug up an old MTV photo from 03. Ok, sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I don’t benefit from this in any way.”

It should be noted that 50 Cent mentioned that he only said that he thought what he saw in the image at the time, due to the place where he had seen it before and reiterated the Madonna’s: “I hope you accept my apology.”