Magaly attacks Christian Domínguez for giving a ring to all his partners: “He offers them the same”

The appearance of Christian Dominguez In “América Hoy” wearing an engagement ring did not go unnoticed and continues to give something to talk about. Magaly Medina He used his space on ATV to criticize the cumbia singer for giving rings to all his partners.

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“In the morning we were surprised that Christian Domínguez appeared as co-host on ‘América Hoy’ (…) The most shameless nose of Peruvian cumbia, who we all know what he did, is there talking about fidelity, about love. Now he appeared like this, what surprised me is that he appeared with a ring that symbolizes the legal union with a person because there are also symbolic rings”, he said at the beginning.

For Magaly Medina, Domínguez does not have the “emotional maturity” to achieve a commitment. “We have seen, throughout his history, Christian Domínguez does not have the emotional maturity to achieve a commitment. There he gave Vania a ring, for engagement he has given so many. I remember that Karla Tarazona also used one ”, commented.

Along these lines, the television figure recalled that at the time the leader of the “Great International Orchestra” gave Karla Tarazona a ring and they had a symbolic wedding; However, that did not prevent him from being romantically linked to Isabel Acevedo.

“He is used to doing that because so far he is not divorcedhe may have had the intention of wanting to marry Vania, with Karla Tarazona, whom he even took to a symbolic marriage and then when he took out the horns with ‘Chabelita’ he forgot the symbolism because beyond a ring is the commitment that a person has with their relationship”, emphasized.

Finally, Medina stated that he did not understand why Christian insisted on putting the ring on all his partners.

“I don’t know what this strategy is that he uses with the women who pass through his life, he says the same thing to all of them, he offers the same thing to all of them, he feels married to all of them, he makes them feel that they are his wives. They have already passed through the altar. I don’t understand why he insists on putting the ring on the couple on duty, when at the time that his partner needs her fidelity and commitment, he tears it to shreds and the ring was worth nothing “finished.


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