Magaly disagrees LIVE with Pamela Vértiz: “What Melissa Paredes did was a cheat and a liar”

THEY DID NOT AGREE. Magaly Medina was invited to Sunday’s ‘Día D’ to start a conversation with journalist Pamela Vértiz prior to her debut in her new season of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ on ATV. However, both did not coincide with Melissa Paredes’ infidelity controversy. This was what they said.

The “magpie” spoke about the success of her program, as well as her marriage to the notary Alfredo Zambrano, but that was not all, because she also decided to speak out about the current situation of Melissa Paredes on television.

It was Pámela Vértiz who began by questioning whether the model was removed from hosting the “América Hoy” program for having appeared in an ampay with the dancer Anthony Aranda.

“Regarding the case of Melissa Paredes, I say why was she removed from the program? Why that load of loads, the man who takes his feet off the plate does not lose his job and the woman does not … ”, the journalist questioned harshly.

However, Magaly Medina did not agree with his words. He assured that we are facing a macho society, but that each one must assume the consequences of their actions.

“It is true, we live in a macho society, but I believe that deception, lies and infidelity is something that has always caused curiosity in everyone. In addition, now the statistics is that there is a high percentage of women, women are as unfaithful as men, they cheat more and better than men, they are more coveted, of course, they are not going to teach us to lie, “he said between smiles.

Likewise, the popular ‘magpie’ stressed that problems that bring you to light will always cause morbidity, since “sin is forgiven, but not scandal.”

“Under the canons that all family programs work, they had to separate it because the sponsors were not going to want it, they have their certain values ​​and rules. They weren’t going to love her. Now that Melissa doesn’t come out either with that “if I did it it’s wrong, if a man does it it’s fine”, no, neither, because what she did was a cheat and a liar, don’t tell us either… ”, he sentenced.

After listening to her, Pámela Vértiz refuted and disagreed with her ATV partner and responded. “Too bad, I say tonight that it seems wrong to me, double standards, the women who are on the screen must raise our voices to say that this standard must be eliminated.”