Magaly explodes against Brunella Horna: “Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you’re dumb”

The host of shows Magaly Medina did not remain silent in the face of the response of Brunella Horna in the face of criticism against her for joining as host of the morning show “América Hoy”.

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Through her program, Medina showed a recent interview with Brunella Horna in which she highlights that she is the youngest host on Peruvian television. Given this, the popular ‘Urraca’, made a harsh criticism.

“Hey, what about Brunella? She is upset, she has been upset by our criticism, she says. (I am the youngest host on Peruvian TV, says Brunella) and dumber too, because just because you’re young doesn’t mean you’re dumb, but being dumb and young I don’t know why they hire you anymore “he pointed.

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“I think that they should go with their bread under their arms, they buy space, they give her a space, they give her the opportunity to be girlfriends of who they are”, added the ATV driver.

Likewise, Medina referred to the entry of Brunella Horna to the leadership of “América Hoy”, according to what he said, some personalities are part of the programs because they have a “sponsor”.

I would have wanted to, at the time I started on television, I had neither a husband nor money to buy. I had no sponsorNow if you have a sponsor you have a program. I remember that years ago I made fun of a TV host in America who had a sponsor (laughs)”, assured.


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