Magaly makes fun of Brunella Horna: “She expected a ring, but they gave her flowers”

Magaly Medina, in “Magaly TV: La Firme”, He said that the surprise that Richard Acuña prepared for Brunella Horno for Valentine’s Day would not have met the businesswoman’s expectations.

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For the journalist, the host of “América Hoy” would have been waiting to receive an engagement ring; however, she only received roses. The comment came after they presented a note in which they showed how some figures from the show celebrated the day of love.

“The one who also received roses was Brunella Horna, she is waiting for a ring, but she received roses. Hahaha”, Magaly commented when she saw that Richard surprised Brunella by sending her a bouquet of roses to “América Hoy”.

Likewise, Medina also referred to the surprise that Acuña prepared in the privacy of his home.

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“Then they surprised him with a saxophonist, a meal, more flowers, champagne, but no ring. She was looking among so many pink rings, but nothing. Hahaha”, he commented between laughs.


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