Magaly Medina and her cold comment about Brunella Horna in “América Hoy”: “More life has a stone”

Magaly Medina took a few minutes from her “Magaly TV: La Firme” show to refer to the recent entry of the model Brunella Horna to the conduction of the morning “América Hoy”.

“So much mystery to discover who would be the new host, who would replace Melissa Paredes, well between us, anyone can replace her… It turns out that the one they chose Brunella Horna, if we do a brain contest, I don’t think she’s going to be one of the first or second place winners.” she said at the beginning.

The ATV journalist questioned the criteria they had to choose Brunella as the new partner of Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza. In addition, she stressed that the model “has never had her own opinion.”

“She looks so cute with her puppy adorning the photos with her boyfriend Richard Acuña, she looks pretty there, but she talks and her spoiled little girl voice is kind of irritable, she has never had her own opinion, nor are we interested, I don’t know why they chose her, suddenly she’s Ethel’s friend, because Ethel loves to get her friends to work with her”, she added between laughs.

“(…) Now they bring a little girl, who has more life than a stone. She’s a pretty girl, it’s okay for her to go to the parade, but her opinion should be consistent, no, suddenly she comes with her own advertiser”, express.

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Finally, Magaly Medina was honest and said that for her the only talent on the América TV morning show is Edson Dávila, better known as “Giselo”.

“Having so much wasted talent that wants to enter television… Television is full of pretty, pretty and silly ones, for years we have had that, we are also fed up with the brutes and I am not going to say names so they don’t get stung”, she finished.