Magaly Medina on Yahaira Plasencia and Pancho Rodríguez: “She does not make her outgoing official”

the journalist Magaly Medina assured that the salsa singer, yahaira plasencia He does not like to make official the couples he goes out with, this after the sauce boat ruled out an affair with the Chilean influencer.

That which rules out romance with Pancho Rodríguez has just been said because at first she hinted that she had something with him, but she generally does not make her outgoing official. We have seen it with Coto, she never said it until he told it. She didn’t talk about Jerson until he talked about it, she is like that“, He said Magaly Medina.

“What happens is that Pancho is not allowed to enter the country, according to immigration they are not going to let him enter for five years, so it is very difficult for her to go to Chile to see him. She does not paint herself as the bride in love and sacrificed, who will have a love from a distance”, added the journalist.

The show host recalled that yahaira plasencia He was unfaithful to the soccer player Jefferson Farfán with Jerson Reyes. “She has her warm ones, well covered, if she doesn’t discover her better. Already when she is discovered she says: ‘It doesn’t matter, I was having fun, I’m single‘”.

Let’s remember that Pancho Rodriguez He is in Chile, after Migrations from Peru prevented him from entering our country because he participated in Yahaira Plasencia’s birthday party in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic.


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