Magaly praises her ampays and makes fun of Rodrigo González: “In other channels they try to discover infidels”

DO NOT LET IT GO. Magaly Medina appeared as a guest on the ‘Tomate’ Barraza program on Radiomar Plus and took the opportunity to give an interview to Trome. The “magpie” spoke a little about her former friend Rodrigo González and the rating that her show program is having.

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The controversial journalist was consulted by the ampays who put out the program ‘Amor y Fuego’, which is hosted by ‘peluchín’ and Gigi Miter. Although she preferred not to directly answer who was once her friend, she did so by highlighting the material of her journalistic team.

“I’m not going to answer him, how lazy. Right now I’m focused on getting the program off the ground. We are just going through the third week and it is being difficult because the audiences have dropped because we are in summer, but we are hitting it hard, ”she pointed out.

However, minutes later, Magaly Medina threw a tremendous hint at Rodrigo González referring to the Willax TV channel.

¨We (Magaly Tevé), are the basters or darsters of the ampays, there are other places where they try to discover infidels. Where, perhaps in Willax? ¨ironized.

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Despite the fact that she has just started her program Magaly TV La Firme after a long vacation, the ‘magpie’ acknowledged that they are not doing well in the rating because productions from América Televisiones take it away from her.

“(Football takes away the rating) All my life and all the novels of América Televisión have had more rating than me, but in the schedule we are the second”, he admitted.


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