Magaly wears a luxurious blue ring that her notary gave her: Same sapphire as Princess Diana

SHOCKED. As usual, Magaly medina shares the pompous gifts her husband gives her Alfredo Zambrano. This time, the television host anticipated Christmas at home due to the visit of her nephew who lives in Europe, however, she did not imagine that the notary had a tremendous surprise: a sapphire ring!

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Through his Instagram, the ‘magpie’ shared the dinner he had with his nephew Diego Medina, who has lived in London for a year and a half. Magaly also showed the decoration of her home days before Christmas.

At the time of delivering gifts, the driver received the gift from her husband Alfredo Zambrano and was left with his mouth open when he realized that it was a luxurious blue sapphire, which symbolizes the loyalty and sincerity of soulmates.

“My husband always surprising me, thank you, love, I loved it”, wrote the controversial ‘magpie’. However, this fact did not go unnoticed, especially since it is the same ring that Princess Diana received at the time of her engagement to Prince Charles.

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Among the most iconic jewels Diana Spencer wore was her engagement ring, which she herself chose from among the Royal House jewelry catalog. Apparently, Magaly Medina would have been delighted with this luxurious ring, so her husband surprised her.


Very in love. Magaly Medina and her husband Alfredo Zambrano completed 5 years of marriage and 10 years of romantic relationship and decided to celebrate it with their renewal of vows. The couple traveled to Colombia, along with their closest friends, to celebrate their love in style.


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