Maintaining control through uniforms and house rules inside Kim Kardashian’s minimalist mansion

Get a glimpse into the perfectly ordered and controlled environment of Kim Kardashian's minimalist mansion, where even employees must wear uniforms.

Kim Kardashian’s fondness for minimalism when it comes to decorating is well known. Undoubtedly, the style with which she has decorated her mansion in Hidden Hills, California, has already become a reference.

It seems that the style that the socialite and businesswoman tried to maintain goes beyond the objects and wants her employees to also dress according to the space, which is why she decided to assign uniforms.

When this information became known, the newspaper “The Sun” interviewed Jo Hemmings, a psychologist well known among the stars, to know his opinion about the decision that Kanye West’s ex-wife had taken for her home.

Hemmings opined that Kardashian loves perfection, order, control and cleanliness.

He explained, “The uniforms they have been given fit this need for order and control. It will stifle their personality and creativity, where they may feel a loss of individuality, but it will serve to placate Kim.”

But the truth is that this control is not only exercised by Kim Kardashian over her employees, she also does it with her guests and even family members. Earlier this year, the businesswoman even made public the rules to follow by everyone who visits her home.

It is also known that she wants to sell her particular decoration style to other people, so this year she launched her exclusive line of home items. She has even shared on networks which are the objects that she likes the most from within her property.

Kardashian this year also made a transformation to the place after she kept the mansion in Hidden Hills that she shared with rapper Kanye West for years. Now the place is not a mix of the couple’s tastes but has her stamp on every space.

The final result made her so happy that she decided to open the doors of the place to the cameras of ‘Vogue’ magazine and make a tour for her followers and other curious people.