Maite Perroni announces her new relationship

  • Tremendous uproar caused by Maite Perroni
  • Make your new relationship known through social networks
  • He confirmed his relationship with producer Andrés Tovar, formerly of Claudia Martin

Did the husband steal from another woman? Through social networks, the Mexican actress Maite Perroni announces that she started a new relationship with producer Andrés Tovar, amid the rumors that began to emerge from her past, where the actress and Andrés’s ex-partner, Claudia Martin, sued to the Mexican for alleged infidelity, which caused her separation just a few months ago.

It was in 2019 when it was announced that the actress Claudia Martin and the television producer, Andrés Tovar, made their marriage official through an ostentatious wedding in Oaxaca, Claudia’s hometown, however, a year after this link, the relationship ended on June 21, amid endless rumors about alleged infidelity on his part.

Was Maite Perroni the third in contention in the relationship between Andrés Tovar and Claudia Martin?

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After this, it was widely reported that the cause of this divorce had been Maite Perroni, stating that she had probably been the “third in disagreement”, and is that despite the fact that Andrés Tovar reported that the exRBD had nothing to do with her separation with Claudia Martin, Maite did not want to remain silent and filed a lawsuit against Claudia.

According to the TvyNovelas portal, the lawyer Guillermo Pous confirmed that the singer would proceed legally against the actress for allegedly pointing out her as the third in disagreement due to her separation with Andrés Tovar, assuring that “there had never been a relationship of three”, already that Maite was no longer with anyone, and the producer, even though he was still married to Claudia, “they were no longer in a relationship.”

Maite Perroni formalizes her courtship with Andrés Tovar, Claudia Martin’s ex

Maite Perroni formalizes her courtship with Andrés Tovar, Claudia Martin's ex
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A few months after all this commotion and between demands and indirect, the Mexican actress, Maite Perroni announced this September 20 through social networks that she is in a relationship with the Mexican producer Andrés Tovar, but not before sending a forceful message asking for respect for this new stage.

Through her official Instagram account, the protagonist of ‘Dark Desire’ made this relationship official, accompanied by several photographs of the new couple: “When life gives you the opportunity to start over, do not hesitate to ask from the depths of your heart what your soul longs to find; this will never cease to amaze you. “

Maite Perroni breaks the silence about her boyfriend’s controversy

Talk about the alleged defamation against him;  Maite Perroni announces her relationship with Andrés Tovar but it goes wrong for her 'past'
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Not ending, the exRBD brought up the note from the magazine TVNotas, which stated that she had been the cause of the divorce between Claudia Martin and Andrés Tovar, stating that they had not spoken before about this because they were beginning to take action legal and until their lawyers allowed them to talk about this:

“A few months ago a magazine published a series of lies about us, defamed and caricatured us. We did not talk about the issue before because we are acting legally, but today, our lawyers allowed us to do so ”, it could be read in his Instagram post.

The exRBD affirms that they have experienced harassment

The exRBD affirms that they have experienced harassment;  Maite Perroni announces her relationship with Andrés Tovar but it goes wrong for her 'past'

PHOTO: Instagram Subsequently, the singer affirmed that both she and her current partner, producer Andrés Tovar, have gone through a lot of harassment for several months: “We have experienced harassment, blackmail, manipulation and even our safety and of our families ”, continued Maite Perroni, when officially announcing her courtship.

She affirms that things were not as much as was speculated in recent months and that they really did not want to be part of this “media circus”, however, they thought it appropriate to clarify once and for all this alleged misunderstanding: “Things were not how they were told and we don’t want to be part of this media circus … “

Maite Perroni tells that she has known Andrés Tovar for 20 years

Maite Perroni says that she has known Andrés Tovar for 20 years.  Claudia martin
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“(Which seems to have to put up with the people who dedicate ourselves to the medium of the spectacle, since under the pretext of” freedom of expression “limits are broken in which people’s lives are violated and destroyed). For this reason, it is very important for us to clarify this situation ”, Maite Perroni continued in the publication.

“We have been friends for 20 years and this year we found that we were living the same process: each one was in mourning for having ended a romantic relationship. It was for this reason that for the first time since we met, we gave ourselves the opportunity to discover each other from another place, to see each other with different eyes and today we are very happy together ”.

They call her mustia and claim that Claudia Martin was always right

They call her mustia and claim that Claudia Martin was always right
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To end with their statement, both Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar, the actress Claudia Martin’s ex-husband, asked for respect for this new relationship, sending a strong message in response to the criticism: “We ask you to respect our history and whoever wants to be part of she, from love, will always be welcome ”.

It should be noted that although the publication has the comments deactivated, the photographs already have more than a million likes, and social networks did not hesitate to react to this news, and followers were on top of the actress, stating that she was “a complete wretch” and that everything that Claudia Martin claimed a few months ago was real. POST BY MAITE PERRONI HERE

Maite Perroni mourns the death of Rebelde actress

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Through your official account Twitter, where she has almost 5 million followers, the Mexican singer and actress Maite Perroni shared the sad news of the death of Rebelde’s actress, Ana Lucía Menezes, who lent her voice for the telenovela through the character of Lupita Fernández.

“Dear Ana Lucia Menezes, may your light, energy and smile always be with us. Thank you for giving us your talent and having been the Brazilian voice of my characters… No one better than you for that, we will miss you, ”Maite wrote on her social networks.

He lost his life at age 45, the causes are unknown

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According to information from the Las Estrellas portal, Ana Lucía Menezes, who lost her life at 45 years of age without the causes being known, lent her voice to several Maite Perroni characters for the Brazilian public, among them, in the soap opera Triunfo del amor.

Ana Lucía had sent an emotional message to Maite Perroni

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As reported by the Las Estrellas portal, the Rebelde actress, Ana Lucía Menezes, had sent an emotional message to Maite Perroni a few messages ago: “Thank you Maite for being such a special and carimatic person and for sharing with me a little bit of the love of this audience so kind”.

In this same message, Ana Lucía went out of her way to compliment the Mexican singer and actress by telling her that she was “so beautiful and so simple”, in addition to confessing that she deserved all the love of these ‘little dogs’. The messages of support were not long in coming.

“Always in our hearts”

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It did not take long for followers of Maite Perroni, who is mourning the death of Ana Lucía Menezes, actress of Rebelde, to accompany her in her pain with emotional messages: “She will always be in our hearts,” said one of them.

“Thank you Ana Lucía for giving voice to Maite in Brazil”, “Rest in peace, Ana! Thank you for sharing such a special talent with us all this time, we will miss you very much and you will always be in our hearts ”,“ I think no one will be able to replace your voice in Brazil. Ana Lucía is the best voice to express your talent ”, expressed some users.