Maite Perroni clarifies whether or not she is expecting a baby from Claudia Martín’s ex

Maite Perroni / Andres Tovar.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

After rumors of her supposed pregnancy circulated, and in the last few hours they occupied the headlines of the entertainment press, the Mexican actress Maite Perroni, clarified through her PR not expecting a baby.

And that version of that Maite Perroni and her partner, producer Andrés Tovar were expecting their first baby It emerged after the publication of the Mexican magazine TVNotas, which “confirmed” that the couple was pregnant.

According to what was published by TVNotas, a source close to the former RBD assured that Maite is pregnant, version that was taken up by various media, however, the actress decided to end those rumors.

And it was through her PR that she gave an interview to the magazine Who, who denied the alleged pregnancy and stressed that the 38-year-old artist is currently focused on her professional career and that having babies in the short term is not among her plans.

PR denies Maite Perroni’s pregnancy

“It’s totally false” declared the PR of Maite Perroni to the Mexican magazine Who.

Which ends the wave of rumors that Perroni and Andrés Tovar, ex-husband of fellow actress Claudia MartínThey are expecting their first baby.

And it is that Perroni is dedicated to Triada streaming platform project Netflixin addition to the premiere of two films awaiting him “Without you I can’t” Y “The Eighth Clause”.

Although on more than one occasion, Maite Perroni has declared that she would love to be a mother, even of twins, but for now, the artist dedicates her time to work.

The origin of the rumors

TVNotas published statements from a supposed friend of Maite, who stated that the actress is happier than ever with her partner, Andrés Tovar, with whom she began a relationship last October.

“Both are at their best professionally speaking and, without a doubt, they are proud of each other, they support each other unconditionally and even more so now that a great gift of life will come to them,” the source told the entertainment magazine.

But those statements left the doubt if he was referring to a baby, so the reporter was direct and asked about it.

“Of course, it is confirmed by the lips and voice of the mother-to-be herself,” declared the source, who also assured that Maite is almost three months pregnant.

However, after hours of uncertainty and rumors, the actress decided to break the silence and make it clear that she is not expecting a baby for now.

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