Majo, Ángela Aguilar’s cousin, takes the throne from her and is the number one in regional Mexican music

The Aguilar Dynasty has become one of the families that has promoted the Mexican regional genre the most since it has the outstanding participation of members of the stature of Pepe Aguilar, Angela Aguilar and Majo Aguilar, who in recent years have released important songs that are among the favorites in the different music apps.

With songs like “I want to”, “Actually” and “I’m not going to cry”, the three members of the prestigious family have placed the Aguilar surname at the top, despite various rumors that speculate about a possible relationship between them.

It turns out that, on more than one occasion, various media outlets have compared the talent with which they were born Angela Aguilar and Majo Aguilar, considered those in charge of carrying the prestige of the family within the Mexican regional genre.

Despite various rumors, the daughters of Pepe Aguilar and de Antonio Aguilar Jr., respectively, have declared that they have an excellent relationship, which ends once and for all with the transcended that appear in various publications.

In this sense, the controversy returned to steal spotlights within the industry after Majo Aguilar publish a message in which he boasted an important achievement that he achieved thanks to his recent activity that he had with the release of several songs.

Before her more than 233 thousand followers, the interpreter of “I will not cry” shared her happiness after being considered number 1 in Mexico in the popular category on radio, something she decided to celebrate in a big way.

“This is only the beginning, and there is so much, so much to do, but I’m excited that it’s next to you”, wrote the outstanding singer before her thousands of fans.

As expected, the publication did not go unnoticed by anyone as his loyal followers sent him messages of congratulations as he has worked hard to achieve that place within regional Mexican music.

“Congratulations”, “Totally deserved” and “Your music is beautiful”, were some of the compliments that Majo Aguilar, first of Ángela Aguilar, received.


In an interview for Me, Adela, the granddaughter of Flor Silvestre and Don Antonio Aguilar, said that by mistake she did not fully enter the ranch genre, as her grandparents did, and why she did not want people to say that she does because his whole family does too.

However, the also daughter of Antonio Aguilar Jr. affirmed that she likes all musical genres, but to interpret it, ranchera music “is the one that comes out the best for her.”

She affirmed there were also other issues that made her try another genre that was not the rancher, but finally she realized that she did not need a musical genre to make herself heard.