Makes strong accusation against a celebrity chef

  • William Valdés makes a strong accusation against a famous chef
  • Attack Chef Herrera
  • “It’s a mam% & $” he says.

“It’s a mom #% &”. The Cuban driver, William Valdés, after being fired from the Despierta América program, surprises in an interview when he makes a strong accusation against a famous chef: “As it is on cameras, it is in real life,” says the host. who will refer?


Go that things have not been easy for the Cuban conductor William Valdés, and it is that for several years the presenter has tried to make a space in the entertainment world, participating in several programs and knocking on doors from Univision to Azteca Mexico , where he currently worked for the reality show MasterChef Celebrity México.

William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef

William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef
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It was there that the Cuban driver, William Valdés, denounced a treatment that really seemed very rude by one of the chefs of the kitchen reality show, even assuring that he had been discriminated against because of his Cuban nationality and that this character was really like that in the real life.

Through an interview with his former partner, Matilde Obregón, the 27-year-old actor, also denounced a deal he had with one of the show’s Chesf, who did not hesitate to comment that he had really been rude to him, to such a degree that Among all his colleagues, he had been the one who had received the most harsh criticism during his entire participation.

“He always threw me bad vibes”; William Valdés makes strong accusation against chef Herrera

"He always threw me bad vibes"; William Valdés makes strong accusation against chef Herrera
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And it all started when Matilde Obregón questioned William Valdés about the treatment he had received during the contest, also highlighting the alleged behavior that chef Herrera had had from the beginning with the Cuban: “I initially believed that chef Herrera He threw you bad vibes, because everything you said or did he criticized ”.

To which William Valdés openly questioned Matilde: “At first? He always threw me bad vibes, “said the singer of the Mexican boy band CD9, a band in which his musical career took off as such, being replaced by Bryan Mouque, a member who remained for several years in the group.

He had never counted that; William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef

He had never counted that;  William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef
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However, things were about to start, since after stating that chef Adrián Herrera was throwing a bad wave at him, William Valdés recounted the rudeness that the Mexican culinary had at the beginning of the competition, commenting that he had behaved very rude with him when they questioned the reason for his attitude: “Well, note that the truth is I do not know and it is the first time that I am going to say it because I have not said it on any other occasion,” he began.

After this, the Cuban recounted the experience he had with the Mexican culinary: “The first days of recordings we were all outside and Chef Herrera was walking with his little camera, and I told him ‘how cool your camera’ and to the surprise of the driver himself , was not the answer he expected to get.

And who are you?; William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef

And who are you?;  William Valdés makes strong accusation against a famous chef
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“And he turns around, but very seriously, there was Choco, Laura Zapata was there, and he says to me ‘and who are you?'” These words caused a great surprise even for the host Matilde Obregón, who like William Valdés that response was not expected from chef Herrera.

After this, the same culinary responded and to William’s words he commented: “Ah, you are the little Cuban, here you are not a celebrity in this country, this country belongs to Mexicans, and I say ‘to the mother’, directly and Choco and Laura did not know where to go and I was like ‘ah okay’ and then she said, ‘oh, I don’t know anyone here.’

“I am a very explosive person”

"I am a very explosive person"
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“And then, there it was like a pause, this man what is up, because it was definitely not a joke, because we are not even in the program still recording, and we are out of the forum, yes I always noticed a bad feeling from him and how he told me the things, ”commented presenter William Valdés about the treatment he was receiving from chef Herrera during his participation in Master Chef México.

After these statements, William Valdés commented that he had always been an explosive person, a defect that he does not know if the production team told Chef Herrera: “There are psychologists in production who know exactly what your weak points are and I don’t know if they had already discussed it with him that I am a very explosive person, I explode very quickly ”.

“I had a different treatment”

"I had a different treatment"
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Despite this, William Valdés commented that even so he never exploded during the program but he did swear to chef Herrera: “I did not explode in Master Chef, once I did tell him chin &% $ # your mother but yes, no I told him in the air, but yes ”.

The Cuban actor also highlighted that the treatment he received from him was very different from the one he gave his companions, since the singer went through extremely harsh criticism of the other participants: “The truth did not agree with the things that She would tell me and then she would treat Babe so cute and Babe is not such a very good cook and she knows it, I have told her and I love her very much but it is reality. “

“With certain women I was more inclined to be cool”

"With certain women I was more inclined to be cool"
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William Valdés pointed out that Chef Herrera treated women better than him in the competition: “I noticed that with certain women he was more inclined and more cool even though the food was not cool and then I passed by and it was like what is happening ”, commented the 27-year-old singer.

Finally, William made strong statements against chef Herrera, commenting that just as he was on television he was in real life, a # $% mamo, and that he was not really exercising a character, but that he really was him, ranting against the culinary for the attitude he had towards him.

“And for people to know it is a …”

"And for people to know it
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“And for people to know, chef Herrera is just the way he is on camera, that is, that is his personality, he is not a character, he is like that, he is mam # $ & it must be said, he is ma # $ & , but well, the truth is, we did what we could, “concluded William Valdés, detailing the experience he had during his participation in the cooking reality show, Master Chef.

Faced with these strong statements, many followers of Matilde Obregón came to the video where he interviewed William, where the comments were greatly divided, some users put themselves in the place of the Cuban, while others argued that “he always tried to justify himself with something ”.

Followers react to the words of William Valdés

Followers react to the words of William Valdés
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A follower commented that William Valdés “was already very lazy”; “Oh no, weva how good he left, he always wanted to justify himself”, to which another girl commented: “Well, they treat you according to the vibe you transmit, if you are cool then they will treat you the same way, but if you are everything otherwise, obviously not ”.

“Again demeriting people as usual, with what faces do you say who does and what not, if you do not know how to do it and do not have the knowledge of the basics, pride is terrible and unfortunately it does not let you see who you really are, I know It treats you as you treat and be, and it is a reality. But hey, justifying as always everyone, against me and me so good.

“You would not have finished with chef Benito”

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More and more comments began to arrive against William Valdés after attacking chef Herrera, where he assured the bad treatment that the Mexican culinary had towards him: “Chef Herrera is like that, and he is heavier with the rebellions”, “For everything he becomes the victim, for him the whole world is against him.”

“If this is Chef Herrera, why does he get hooked, William also has his things that annoy and no way”, “He always has problems wherever he goes”, “You can tell that he did not see Master Chef Mexico, he did not see the good seasons, with Benito it would not have finished “,” Alicia Machado is not Mexican either and has overcome two challenges of Mexican food, the thing is that he only complains and cries “. VIDEO HERE Some images of this note come from the following video

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