Maluma and Carín León are collaborating on a new song Según quién, and fans can’t wait for its release

Colombian artist Maluma explores new genres in his album Don Juan and collaborates with rising Mexican star Carín León.

Colombian pop superstar Maluma has been pushing the boundaries of his musical prowess by incorporating diverse genres in his new album, Don Juan, set to be released next Friday, August 25. The “Medellin” and “Soltera” hitmaker has been reveling in his newfound artistic freedom, experimenting with sounds outside of his usual reggaeton and urban music style.

Maluma kicked off 2023 with the salsa-infused “La Fórmula,” a collaboration with long-time friend and colleague Marc Anthony, featured in his upcoming album. He continued to explore urban collaborations, but it was his contemporary merengue single, “Coco Loco,” that really took Europe by storm this summer. The artist capitalized on the success with a tour across several cities in Spain, Italy, and France, as well as provinces along the Mediterranean.

Recently, Maluma offered a tantalizing glimpse of his next venture – a duet with one of this year’s most prominent Mexican artists, Carín León. Known for his regional Mexican music, León is now merging his signature style with Maluma’s reggaeton flair. The pair gave fans a sneak peek on social media, posting a clip that shows them on the set of their upcoming music video.

In the clip, which has already garnered over 46,000 likes, Maluma and León are seen toasting mezcal, a favorite beverage of the Antioquian artist. He’s been known to savor the drink after a long day of recording music and even promoting his own brand in his recent music videos. The two singers are also seen wearing matching sombreros norteños, a nod to their shared Latin heritage. Maluma adds a touch of glam with a black silk shirt, a luxurious diamond chain, and a glimpse of his toned physique.

The video teaser is captioned “Según quién,” presumably the title of their forthcoming track, as seen on a well-lit sign in the clip. Fans are already buzzing with excitement, filling the comments with compliments such as “Shut up now, this is going to be 🔥,” “Don Juan never ceases to amaze us👌🏼,” “🔥 I can’t wait to hear this song 😍,” “Things are heating up,” “Zamluma 😂,” “You never stop ❤️,” “I love you so much, JL🤍,” “My baby 😍,” “The most handsome🥹,” “‘Get informed properly’… Looks great❤️.”

Maluma’s innovative exploration of different music genres showcases the artist’s ability to evolve and remain relevant internationally. With collaborations ranging from pop icons like Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna to Latin music legends like Marc Anthony, his upcoming album is shaping up to be a testament to his global appeal and unrelenting work ethic.