Maluma surprises colleague Eduin Caz with a special gift: his own mezcal brand ‘Contraluz’

The singer Maluma launched his own drink a few months ago and took advantage of the month of December to give it to some friends

It’s that time of year again! December is not only about spending quality time with loved ones and celebrating special occasions, but also about finding ways to show appreciation for those around us.

It seems that singer Maluma took this to heart when he decided to branch out from music and invest in the world of liquors, specifically mezcal. This month, he decided to surprise his colleague and fellow musician Eduin Caz with a gift of his brand new drink.

The two artists have a friendly relationship, stemming from their collaboration on the single “Cada Quien” about a year ago. Caz took to Instagram to share the heartwarming moment, posting a photo of himself opening the box with the gift and a message of gratitude: “Thank you beautiful @maluma. Have a Merry Christmas in the company of your loved ones.”

He also posted a video of the moment he received the gift, in which the bottle of “Contraluz” can be seen illuminated by a distinctive effect.

It’s no secret that Caz enjoys a drink or two – perhaps to the point of inebriation at times – but he has been grappling with a health issue recently, so it’s important for him to be mindful of his consumption.

Regardless, the mezcal brand “Contraluz” seems like the perfect gift for Caz, and we’re sure he will enjoy it in moderation.