Maluma returns to Colombia; Prepare a big surprise for your fans

In the line of 30 years, the singer Maluma He has begun to explore all the facets by the means he has, from his musical evolution that represents this new stage of his life, to innovative ventures that give us another perspective of the potential that the artist has as an entrepreneur.

A few days ago it was announced that the Pretty Boy is launching his own record label called Royalty Records and is his main project today. And just as he had promised, music continues to be his main activity, so he doesn’t miss the time to compose.

Without a doubt, one of the places that Colombian Maluma likes the most is the recording studio, because in addition to being talented, he also enjoys spending days beforehand inside it to bring his fans the best quality music on the market. Now using social networks to give a thumbs up to his work.

It was through a post made on the social network of the camera where Maluma was announcing to his fans that he is in Medellin to go record his new music, raising the expectations of your fans around the world.

“MEDAL CITY. Very hp music is coming, Bye”, it reads

In said publication, the most special moments he had in this visit to his place of production were also shared. Among those that stand out is one of her in the company of her beloved pets, whom she showers with love and affection in public whenever she has the opportunity.

And he also shared with his followers a photograph of his childhood sitting in a chair after playing in the pool, making it clear that the powerful attitude he has is not a new thing, since he has currently reflected it thousands of times as one of the artists most loved by the international public.

“That theme is something else, level”, “That preview sounds hp”, “Diossssss, those eyelashes”, “How handsome Juan”, “That color looks good on you”, “Juan Luis, why are you so handsome”, were some of the comments in the dialog box below the photo.

His followers on the social network of the camera were also telling him that they are more than excited about his return to Argentina after 5 years of not having set foot on its beautiful lands.

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