Man accused of killing prostitutes in Texas; took advantage of his position as a security guard to approach the victims

Hobbs was charged with the murder of Sarah Sanford and Patricia Pyatt.

Photo: Harris County Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy

The lawyer of man accused of murdering prostitutes in Texas He asked this Wednesday at a hearing of the case to suppress the statements that his client gave to the Police.

Steven Alexander Hobbs, 51, He has been in jail since 2011. At the moment, he is the longest-serving inmate in the Harris County Jail.

His attorney Mandy Miller doesn’t think authorities can prove the accusations against her client.

“These are all just allegations at this point,” Miller said.

“We’ll see what they can prove in court,” he added as quoted by ABC 13.

Hobbs was accused of the murder of Sarah Sanford and Patricia Pyatt, and is suspected of killing Wanda Trombley. The man is also accused of two rapes, one kidnapping and two aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon. Investigators say the man used his job as a security guard to prey on sex workers in East County between 2002 and 2011.

At the hearing this week, the attorney requested that Hobbs’ video statements to police in Pasadena in 2011 be suppressed.

He invoked his right to a lawyerMiller told reporters.

The defender stated that, after two minutes of interview, the suspect requested the presence of a lawyer, so the rest of his statements should be discarded.

Prosecutors, for their part, argued that Miller’s request came after Hobbs spoke for more than an hour. about how he liked looking for women for sex.

“We do not believe that he was clear at the beginning of his statements,” said prosecutor Jennifer Meriwether of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

The judge hearing the Natalia Cornelio case must make a decision in the coming weeks on the request.

Prosecutors also revealed that the defendant applied for a job with the Galena Park Police Department and that several of the victims who survived his sexual assaults are on the witness list. After Hobbs’ arrest, at least 10 women came out to report him.

Jury selection is scheduled for May 2.