Man buys painting for $ 30 and discovers it is a work valued at $ 50 million

One man literally hit the jackpot with a painting that he acquired in a garage sale for only $ 30, which after a few years increased millions of times in value, becoming valued at more than $ 50 million.

The painting called ‘Madonna and Child with a Flower on a Grassy Bank‘, was bought by a man for the amount of 30 dollars in a garage sale in Massachusetts, and belongs to one of the most popular artistic exponents of the renaissance in the world, which is why it was valued in millions of dollars,

In accordance with Cristof Metzger, A curator of the Albertina Gallery in Vienna, the work is completely authentic and was drawn by the German artist Albert Dürer, so the creditor of the work became a millionaire overnight.

Man buys million-dollar artwork at garage sale

This is the final work on which the drawing is based The painting was created in 1503 and its authenticity was confirmed by experts

According to experts, the work is a sketch that could be created in the year 1503, and was the predecessor of the famous watercolor of the artist that became world famous, which is why the drawing has been considered as one of the pieces. most important art of recent years.

After identifying the Dürer’s watermark, the owner of the painting took it to analyze, and the age of the paper and the original signature of the artist was confirmed so it was determined that it was authentic, increasing its price from 30 to more than 50 million dollars, something that caused that the previous owners regretted letting her go.

Painting auction causes impact in the world

The painting was created in 1503 and its authenticity was confirmed by experts

We inform you in AmericanPost.News that before the actual price of the painting was revealed, it belonged to the architect Jean-Paul Carlhian, who passed away in 2012 and passed it on to his daughters who spotted Albrecht Dürer’s signature but never bothered to authenticate it, selling it at a garage sale where the current owner purchased it for just $ 30.

This has become one of the largest painting auctions in recent years, as a Renaissance piece of art was not expected to be discovered in a random location, prompting owners of works to pay more attention to his paintings in case one is a work of art valued in millions of dollars.

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