Man charged with hate crime for painting and vandalizing a Washington church

The defendant caused $10,000 in damage to both the Church and his school.

Photo: katermikesch / Pixabay

Church surveillance cameras caught the moment the suspect is vandalizing and spray-painting the walls of the church in Bellevue.. The 31-year-old man was arrested on a hate crime and assault charge.

The complaint filed by the priests of the Parish, according to the KING5 newscast, caused great damage to the property caused by the aggressor and amount to $10 thousand dollarsboth from the church and as his school.

It’s violent, it’s an invasion, instead of coming to church hoping to feel peace. Whatever struggles they may have inside of them and they don’t know how to release it or how to deal with it, so it just builds up and all of a sudden it comes out in these acts of violence.”said Father Gary Zender of St. Louise Catholic Church.

Father Zender also said that the worst part of the incident was when the suspect attacked to one of the church employees.

The individual lunged at him, tried to hit him with a stone, he was able to dodge that rock, but then it lunged at him and spray-painted him on the right side of his face, on his ear, and on his shirt.” confirmed Gary Zender, to the same newscast.

The police report noted that the employee was not injured. As soon as the clerics gave notice of the vandalism they had suffered, they began a search throughout the area until They arrested the suspect a few blocks away from where the property is located.

The priest explained that he understands that tensions in the country are very tense, especially after the Supreme Court’s decision on the right to abortion, but some people take advantage of anything to commit acts of vandalism and violence.

According to the Bellevue Police Department, he shared that There have already been six hate crimes in Bellevue So far this year and last year there have been around eleven.

The defendant is in custody at the Bellevue jail. until they set the corresponding bail for the charge that was charged.

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