Man discovers his husband in full infidelity with a woman and the scene of jealousy went viral

On Twitter it quickly went viral. a video showing a tremendous scene of jealousy starring a man, which everything seems to indicate that She was following in her husband’s footsteps to discover that he was being unfaithful to her with a woman.

In the clip that already has several thousand reproductions, you can see a young man claiming another middle-aged gentleman for having cheated on him with the woman with whom he was having a placid dinner at a food place.

In the video you can clearly hear how the young man begins to angrily complain to his partner that he has cheated on him and even throws a suitcase at him where he had already stored most of his belongings.

Similarly, the cheated begins to argue heatedly with the woman to the point that they both pull their hair while the man in discord tries to separate them.

In the end it is the young man who seems to have won the argument over the woman, because before the end of the video he is seen in the company of the other man ready to have dinner.

The video has been filled with various reactions from Internet users, although it is unknown exactly where the events occurred.

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