Man earns $ 800 a month mining cryptocurrency with his Tesla Model 3

Siraj Raval, a Houston computer scientist, has gone viral after he revealed that managed to use his 2018 Tesla Model 3 car to mine cryptocurrencies and generate an income of up to $ 800 per month.

To achieve this task, Raval says that he has tried multiple ways to take advantage of his car as a source of energy to dedicate himself fully to obtaining profits in cryptocurrencies. One of the options you have employed is to install free mining software on your Mac mini M1 laptop., which is powered by a current inverter that is connected to the car’s console.

Simultaneously also created a mining rig in the suitcase of his Tesla composed of several video cards which are interconnected with each other to take better advantage of its processing power and therefore generate a higher profit. These computers, like the Mac, also work thanks to the car battery.

Raval points out that during mid-2021, when the price of Ethereum was at its all-time highs, its mining equipment reported a monthly profit of up to $ 800.

The computer scientist assures that after months testing different mechanisms to mine cryptocurrencies with his Tesla Model 3 he discovered that the most profitable option requires hacking the computer that comes integrated with the car.

He maintains that this process is extremely easy, for someone with computer skills, since in his words it is simply a computer on wheels.

Regarding the costs associated with recharging the car battery, Raval ensures that there are no problems as this process has an average cost of between $ 10 and $ 15 and in his case this only needs to be done once a week. This results in the monthly energy bill is around $ 60, while the earnings range between $ 400 and $ 800 per month.

Raval adds that on average his mining equipment remains on for about 20 hours a day and adds that he is not afraid that this could affect the car’s battery because its performance is unbeatable.

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