Man escapes from moving car during kidnapping attempt (VIDEO)

The authorities of Cincinnati, USApublished a video surveillance showing the exact moment a man manages to escape from a kidnapping.

The attempted kidnapping occurred on July 21 at an Avondale apartment complex when the victim, whose name was not released, was walking through the parking lot.

Kidnapping attempt in Cincinnati caught on video

As we mentioned in AmericanPost.Newsin the clip you can see how three masked people approach the subject to put him at gunpoint.

According to Cincinnati police, the men forced the man into his home and video shows one of them leaving with a bag.

Leaving the house, the kidnappers put the subject into a car and began to drive away from the place.

When it seemed that the criminals were going to get away with it, the unexpected happened, the victim managed to open the back door of the car and finally fled the scene.

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Cincinnati authorities say no arrests

Cincinnati authorities say there are no arrests.

According to the Cincinnati authorities, the subject managed to get to safety and called 911 to notify the police.

It should be noted that the suspects have not been identified at this time and the Cincinnati police have not reported any arrests.

If arrested, the four subjects that appear in the video would face charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

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