Man faces blows with black bear to protect his dogs

The security camera of a residence in Florida captured the moment when a man had to face a black bear to protect their pets from attack, and the video quickly became a trend on digital platforms due to the shocking images.

According to the date of the recording, the events occurred last Wednesday, January 19, in the city of Daytona Beachin Volusia County, when the wild animal entered the porch of the house of Walter Hickox, who did not think twice and rushed against the creature to defend one of the canines that had fallen into his clutches.

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After he managed to remove the bear from the entrance of his home and his puppies were safe, the man took a wooden bench and placed it on the door to prevent the furry beast from entering his home again.

“My God! He attacked me a bear ”, he shouts Walter Hickox when observing the scratches and wounds that the animal left in his arms.

In an interview with the WFTV channel, the man explained that he did not think much about it and confronted the animal to prevent it from reaching the place where his beloved wife and three dachshunds were.

“Not much went through my head at the time, other than what will happen if he walks past me and into the one where the rest of my dogs and my wife were,” said the man, who also said he suffered minor injuries.

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According to the Florida Wildlife and Flora Conservation Commission (FWC), this is not the first time that an incident of this type has occurred, since less than a week ago a black bear attacked a woman who was walking his pet on the northeast coast of Florida.

Despite the injuries she received on her face, hands and back, the woman contacted the emergency line and reported the animal attack, where her dog was not injured. Days later, FWC officials eliminated the black bear and her cubs.

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