Man fires on a store for the price of his cigarettes

A man shot against the store where he bought his cigarettes, apparently he was angry about the price he paid for this product, after firing the gun fled the place.

The moment was captured by the security cameras of the establishment, later the recordings served to phoenix policein Arizona, United States, to find the whereabouts of the armed subject.

It was reported that the shots only caused material damage, this happened last June, 15 shortly after noon, since then the armed subject was sought by the authorities.

Details about the arrest of the man who shot

Details on the arrest of the man who shot Man shot in the head

Through his Twitter account, phoenix police reported that two days after the attack they managed to arrest the man from African American descent who fired on the store, this from a series of investigations.

The uploaded video shows the arrest of the subject, in a similar way but in YucatanMexico, a man was arrested for firing his shotgun at two brothers, who ended up seriously injured.

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Man shot in the head

Man shot in the head

In Valladolidneighbors called the municipal authorities since they found the body of a subject who presented a shot in the headit was in a green area near the community of Chankom.

According to the inquiries, the locals approached when they heard some detonations, between the mount and bushes was the lifeless man of approximately 35 years oldNext to him was a firearm.

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