Man in New Jersey claims to have found Jesus Christ in a tangerine

No doubt faith moves mountains and that is why on more than one occasion we have witnessed some religious manifestation that has left us speechless. Although there are also those who take advantage of people’s beliefs and their needs to create false miracles.

That was the case with a 57-year-old man from New Jersey named Gene Guglilemi, who in social networks shared a photo to show that his eyes had witnessed a unique and authentic appearance of Jesus Christ inside a tangerine.

In the photo circulating on social networks you can clearly see how the filaments between the segments of the tangerine form the figure of a crucified Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ did not really appear in the tangerine

After the images went viral and many believers assured that it was a clear sign of God’s presence, Guglilemi had no choice but to go out and tell the truth.

The man from New Jersey acknowledged that the photos were subjected to digital treatments so that the tangerine filaments could form the image of Christ.

“Originally, his legs were connected to the segments, as if he was doing a star jump instead of being crucified. I actually removed those strings to make it look more like I was hanging, ”Guglilemi said.

The comments on social networks did not wait. Many took it with humor, while others criticized it strongly, considering that it should not play with this type of thing.

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