Man kills his son to get revenge on his mother in Portugal; police are already investigating the vicarious violence case

Vicarious violence is classified as the most cruel acts, when a man wants to take revenge on a woman by murdering her own child – Photo: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP / Getty Images

Portuguese police forces investigate a possible case of vicarious violence in southern Portugal, after a group of hunters found the bodies of a German man and his three-year-old son. Child’s mother, a British, had denounced the alleged parricide.

The events occurred in the area of Santa Margarida da Serra, Grândola, a Portuguese municipality in the District of Setúbal.

The parents were separated and the alleged criminal, a German national, had not delivered the child to the mother after a visit last weekend, according to police sources cited by Portuguese media.

The mother, of British nationality and resident in Portugal, had denounced that the alleged murderer had not handed over his son, so everything indicates that it is a case of violence against women exercised by the alleged parricide.

According to specialists, vicarious violence aims to harm women through their loved ones and especially their daughters and sons. The father exerts extreme violence against his own offspring, even causing their death and using particularly cruel resources to dispose of the corpses on many occasions. The encouragement to harm your partner or ex-partner at all costs outweighs any affection you may feel for them.

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