Man who shot dead University of New Mexico baseball player sentenced to life in prison

  The judge was blunt in her decision.

The judge was blunt in her decision.

Photo: Cindy Jones/Pixabay

In 2019, Jackson Weller lost his life at the hands of Darian Bashir, who shot him, causing him to die instantly. The young African American He received his sentence from the judge Cindy Leos at least 33 years old for first degree murder.

Present at the hearing in Bernalillo County District Court were the family of Jackson Weller, a player on the University of New Mexico baseball team; as described by his parents, I was a young man with many projects and dreams that were truncated. Likewise, there was the family of Darian Bashir, among them her little son who suffers from autism.

Judge Cindy Leos explained that the security video showing Weller’s execution by Bishir, It was proof enough of his conviction, since it is observed how the aggressor fired and left the place “coincidentally”.

The lawyer Joseph Sullivan, Bashir’s defense attorney stated during the hearing that your client felt threatened at the time of the shooting because he was a black man. They also argued that he was scared because two players were offending him.

The judge stressed that: “There was no evidence of a racially motivated crime from Jackson’s perspective.” District Attorney John Duran pointed out: “He murdered him without provocation.”

Bashir’s mother asked the judge for mercy because they will take away for life the father of her grandson, who suffers from autism. The accused and convicted apologized to the Weller family and his own family.

Darian Bashir, 26, will remain in jail in New Mexico for a minimum of 33 years, until 2055, when he is eligible for parole.

The deadly accident happened on May 4, 2019, outside the Nob Hill nightclub. It all started in a fight between Weller and other people, where Bashir was not involved, but one of his friends does. The defendant arrived at the scene and went to Jackson and his friend to ask if they had been part of the disturbance and then told them to follow him, as soon as they took a few steps, Bashir turned and shot Weller in the chest.

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