Manelyk González confessed attraction to Christian Nodal: “He’s a daddy”

Manelyk confesses his attraction to Christian Nodal Photo: Special Infobae

During the course of last March 2, the former member of Acapulco Shore, Manelyk Gonzalez, He offered a press conference to report on his next projects at the door. There, the model was also questioned by the press about her then relationship with Jawy Mendezbut also confessed his attraction to Christian Nodal.

After the breakup of Christian Nodal and Belinda, The interpreter had already made some winks about it, because when she returned the engagement ring to Jawy, she said that the jewel she received was insignificant compared to the one that the interpreter of goodbye masterr gave to his then fiancée.

Now if my engagement ring would have been .000000001 of Belinda’s! Don’t f**k return it! But nope, I’m just saying”, he wrote on February 17 on Twitter.

Manelyk compared the ring they gave him with the one Belinda received from Nodal Photo: Twitter/@manelyk_oficial
Manelyk compared the ring they gave him with the one Belinda received from Nodal Photo: Twitter/@manelyk_oficial

However, at the most recent press conference of the Queen of reality shows from Mexicoor, expressed his admiration for Christian Nodal and assured that the interpreter could be the highest bidder for any person, he also did not miss the opportunity to list the virtues that the 23-year-old singer-songwriter possesses.

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I don’t like it, it fascinates me, I love it, it’s a papasote. But of course, who is not going to like Christian Nodal? He is a papasote, he has a lot of talent and apart from that he is a stupid millionaire. My God, what else!” he said in an interview with Mezcaliente which was recovered by Enrique Vásquez from Evolution Photography Studio.

Just like you did on social media, Manelyk despised the engagement ring that Jawy gave himWell, he assured that it did not hurt to return it because he can buy one “ten times more expensive”, in addition to the fact that it could not be compared with the one that Christian Nodal gave Belinda, because if it had been so, he would not have returned it.

Manelyk González - Instagram
Manelyk delivered the engagement ring that Jawy Méndez gave him Photo: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial

If they had given me a ring like Christian Nodal’s, well, I’m not going to return it, right? But it’s not like that, let them keep the ring and put it in wherever it fits“, said.

When it became known that Manelyk gave him the ring, his then-partner thanked him in an interview and pointed out that she would not have the object again: “Knowing her, I thought she wasn’t going to return it. I think that something out there hit her pride and that’s good! […] A woman never knows how much a ring is worth besides sentimental value.”, expressed Jawy Méndez for Wow, wow TV.

Later and after the insistent claim by the former Shore to Jawy Méndez, The also reggaeton interpreter decided to answer him through his social networks, where he posted a controversial tweet that caught the attention of the followers of the reality show produced by music television (MTV).

“Today for some it is worth more what it “costs” than what it is “worth”, what you feel when giving or receiving something important beyond the object”, he began to say.

Mane and Jawy
Jawy and Mane showing off their then relationship on social media (Photo: Instagram/@jawymendez_oficial)

In the same way, he deepened that he was calm knowing that everything he has given has been because that is how he felt at that moment: “Anyway… at least when you give yourself with effort and heart, one is happy knowing that something sincere was done”placed the 33-year-old Mexican actor and influencer.

The responses from Internet users were immediate and some attacked Jawy by reminding him that, according to Manelyk’s statements, his then partner for more than 5 seasons in Acapulco Shore, he was unfaithful And that was the trigger for their breakup.

“You can be. At the end of the day you two know what happened, but if it were true that you failed her, with all the reason in the world she can say what she wants because the betrayal hurt him. Even so, each one already in his life and that it remains as a beautiful memory, ”said a tweeter.


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