Manhasset man arrested after allegedly threatening 6-year-old with gun for taking candy from porch

43-year-old man charged for pointing a gun at a 6-year-old boy after he mistakenly left Halloween candy on the porch of his Long Island home.

On Saturday night in Manhasset, Long Island, what should have been a fun Halloween tradition took a frightening turn. A 6-year-old boy was out trick-or-treating with his mother, sister, and cousin. As part of a popular Halloween game called “booing,” where people leave anonymous treats on doorsteps, the boy’s sister apparently left a bag of candy on the wrong porch.

Thinking it was their house, the 6-year-old retrieved the candy bag from the porch of 43-year-old Michael Wen.

Man Allegedly Pulls Gun on Boy

According to police, when the boy walked onto Wen’s porch, Wen pulled out a gun and yelled at the child to leave his property. Understandably, this left the 6-year-old “traumatized” and unable to sleep that night.


Arrest and Charges

Wen was arrested on charges including endangering the welfare of a minor. He pleaded “not guilty” in court. His lawyer said it was all a misunderstanding stemming from Wen’s nerves after his family was scared by knocks on their door the previous night.

Protective Measures Taken

Authorities confiscated all of Wen’s weapons, suspended his license, and issued a protective order. Wen is innocent until proven guilty, but the incident serves as a sobering reminder about gun safety and careful Halloween traditions.