Mara Patricia Castañeda criticizes the civil registry of CDMX

Mexican journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda criticizes the poor service she received at the civil registry in CDMX when requesting marriage documents. Despite the support from other users, it seems like her wedding may be postponed once again due to pandemic restrictions.

Maria Patricia Castaneda took to his social media to lash out at the civil registry from Mexico City (CDMX)because he shared that it was to ask for marriage reports. The attention they gave him was not good.

She and her partner Ivan Martinez were to marry believing that the process would not be as elaborate or that the steps would be clearly explained to them. Still, instead, they were only given information to write down, and the worker he was indisposed added:

“That we have to take a course, according to a man who asked us to write down the requirements and that the graduate was busy. Mr. Mayor, the staff awful attention”

According to the journalist, this happened in the civil registry of Benito Juarez’s mayor’s office from CDMX. After a few minutes, the authorities of the mayor’s office responded and asked him to communicate to resolve the situation.

They supported Mara Patricia Castañeda

They supported the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, her age

after making your complaint about the service of the civil registry via his Twitter account several users expressed solidarity by commenting that, at some point, they had gone through the same thing, and it was okay to say.

Everything points to Castaneda will have to delay a little more his wedding day, which due to the pandemic by Covid-19 could not be done. It was in January 2020 when the bride and groom got engaged.

Mara Patricia Castañeda age

Mara Patricia Castañeda, her age

According to the information, the journalist and host Maria Patricia Castaneda at the moment he is 56 years old, and was born on January 16, 1966, in Mexico City.

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