Mara Patricia Castañeda will confront Anette Cuburu live after controversy

Maria Patricia Castaneda will interview live Anette Cuburu, with whom she has recently been involved in controversy over a series of comments.

It turns out that the driver of “Come Joy” burst out against Mara while she covered the funeral of Vicente Fernandez, accusing her of favoritism to win the exclusive.

All of this was captured live, including the moment when Flor Rubio was taken from the ‘Three Foals’ ranch and that made cuburu exploded against his former partner Televisa.

Mara Patricia Castañeda will interview Anette Cuburu live

Mara Patricia Castañeda will interview Anette Cuburu live Anette Cuburu explodes against ‘haters’

Mara reported via Instagram that the next Friday, January 21through his channel Youtubewill interview live Anette Cuburu.

“Guys, on Friday the 21st I’ll be waiting for you in this incredible LIVE interview on my official Facebook and YouTube account with the wonderful actress and presenter Anette Cuburu. You’re going to love it!” he wrote.

Even, Mara She declared to the media that she was the one who invited Cuburu for the interview, because since her “fight” in the coverage of the death of Vicente Fernández, the followers have attacked her a lot.

Anette Cuburu explodes against ‘haters’

Anette Cuburu explodes against ‘haters’

As expected, in comments on the publication of Mara, his followers began to attack Annette, who was not silent and responded to each of them.

A follower of Mara confronted her about the way she talked about Castaneda, to which Cuburu responded with:

“With all due respect, she said, there is no time for praise either, she knows that I care for her and that’s enough, I don’t have to go house to house to explain it, beautiful girl,” she replied.

Maria Patricia Castaneda He assured that there is no enmity between them, indicating that he respects her work and of course her point of view as a reporter.

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