Marc Anthony Fulfills Dream of Singing Ranchera with Pepe Aguilar in New Single “Ojalá Te Duela”

Marc Anthony and Pepe Aguilar unite in "Ojalá Te Duela", blending salsa and ranchera. The song, becomes 2023's major Latin music event.

Salsa icon Marc Anthony has released a new single and music video titled “Ojalá Te Duela,” featuring renowned Mexican singer Pepe Aguilar. With this ranchera track, the New York-born Puerto Rican singer fulfills his long-held dream of singing traditional Mexican folk music.

The vibrant song’s lyrics express heartbreak and hope that an ex feels the same pain. Its title translates to “I Hope It Hurts You.” The music video shows Marc Anthony and Pepe Aguilar performing with traditional mariachi musicians in a bar.

Collaboration Brings Together Two Legends

This collaboration brings together two legends of Latin music from different genres. Marc Anthony is known as the top salsa artist of his generation, selling over 12 million albums worldwide. Pepe Aguilar comes from Mexico’s most famous ranchera dynasty and has won four Grammys for his mariachi recordings.

Despite their contrasting styles, the two singers discovered mutual admiration for each other’s work over the years. Their duet represents a historic crossover between salsa and ranchera music.

Ranchera Fulfills Marc Anthony’s Musical Dream

While Marc Anthony is best known for his salsa hits like “Vivir Mi Vida” and “Flor Pálida,” he has long wanted to record an album of traditional Mexican rancheras. He has previously sung boleros and ballads, but this is his first time performing an authentic ranchera.


Marc Anthony remarked, “I’ve always admired this music, and I told myself that one day I would sing it. That day has arrived.” He thanked Pepe Aguilar for joining him and helping make the song “an anthem for those broken hearts.”

Pepe Aguilar: “An Honor” to Collaborate

For his part, Pepe Aguilar called the opportunity to record with Marc Anthony “an honor and a privilege.” He praised Marc’s vocal talents and called the song “a ranchera jewel.”

Pepe Aguilar comes from a famous lineage of ranchera stars, including his father, Antonio Aguilar, and mother, Flor Silvestre. However, he is open to fusions and collaborations between traditional and contemporary artists.

The music video for “Ojalá Te Duela” shows great camaraderie between the two icons. It quickly became a trending topic upon its September release, showing high fan anticipation. With this dream collaboration, Marc Anthony and Pepe Aguilar have recorded one of the most impactful Latin music events of 2023.