Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira prenuptial contract: $25,000 per month for the Paraguayan model if they separate

The singer and the model were married this weekend in a romantic private event at the Perez Art Museum in Miami.

Marc Anthony and young Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira made their relationship official last weekend as they celebrated their wedding in a romantic private event at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. While the couple has been happy about the engagement and even the celebrity shed some tears at the sight of the beauty dressed in white, what would happen if they were to separate years later, we tell you.

It turns out that a few days before the pachanga, the then-bride and groom signed a prenuptial agreement to protect the singer’s fortune.

In this document, the parties decide how the assets will be distributed during and after the marriage.

According to “El Gordo y la Flaca,” the “Vivir mi Vida” singer’s fortune is valued at 80 million dollars and includes luxurious properties.

Did Anthony and Ferreira sign a prenuptial agreement due to pressure?

Media reported that Marc was determined not to sign a prenuptial agreement because he was convinced their love would last forever. However, his advisors and his own brother convinced him to go through the pre-wedding process.

Apparently, if they decided to separate, Marc would give the model $25,000 a month until she remarried or had another formal relationship. If they had children, a judge would estimate the amount.

It is not the first time the celebrity has signed an agreement of this type, as he did the same with his three previous wives: Jennifer Lopez and models Shannon de Lima and Dayanara Torres.

Very much in love

Since Marc Anthony decided in March 2022 to publicly show his love to the first finalist in the Miss Universe 2021, the couple frequently shares activities they do together.

The beauty queen accompanies her boyfriend to almost all the concerts of his international tour, either from private planes or in the front rows of the venues and stadiums where the international star performs.