Marc Anthony presents his new and young girlfriend at the 2021 Billboard Awards, her name is Madu Nicola

Marc Anthony and his new young girlfriend give each other a tremendous kiss in the 2021 Billboard Awards. This is how he introduced it to the press. The couple shone and received the attention of all the press present. And it is that for several months the singer and famous salsa singer has been seen with several models, but nothing seemed to be official until this week.

But who is the salsa’s new love? That is the question that everyone asked themselves last night, seeing him arrive so well accompanied. Well, the stylist Jamie Harper has been responsible for revealing at least his name. The young blonde is called Madu Nicola. Through social networks you can know very little about her, since her account is private and by followers she has almost 20 thousand.

At the moment, the profession and origin of the new love of Jennifer López’s ex are unknown. But what does matter for the moment is they were seen smiling and very much in love at the gala, a Hispanic music festival. She looked truly radiant and elegant. She wore a black, strappless dress, with few simple jewelry. While his partner wore a white shirt and black pants. Marc let her shine.

To confirm the relationship, the singer did not hesitate to plant a good kiss on Madu, in front of the cameras. That was how she made it clear that her companion was not just another friend. No, the young blonde is special. Some believe that Nicola could be Argentine, but this has not been confirmed yet.

On a musical level, the artist surprised his fans by taking the stage and performing for the first time his new song “Pa ‘there I go.”

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