Marcelo Ebrard assured that the Mexican ambassadors in Ukraine are safe

After the start of the bombing in Ukraine by Russia, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrardannounced that the Mexican ambassadors in Ukraine are safe.

It was through his Twitter account that the Mexican Foreign Minister said that the state of emergency in the nation was confirmed, for which contact was sought with the 32 families who were mobilized due to the increase in tensions between the two countries.

Around 9:00 p.m. Mexico time, the news arrived that the Russians began with the invasion of Ukraine, some time later Russia claims to have destroyed Ukraine’s defense systems.

Marcelo Ebrard: Mexican ambassadors in Ukraine are safe

Mexico has been able to communicate and the Mexican ambassadors in Ukraine are safe, Marcelo Ebrard assured. Mexico’s economy will be affected.

By report of the embassy, ​​Marcelo Ebrardreported that there were attacks on government facilities in Kiev, as well as combat in the east and south of the country, without affecting nationals.

“In security cabinet. Our ambassador reports: they are fine, in contact with Mexican families. A state of emergency has been declared. In Kiev there was bombing of government facilities without affecting our community. Confirmed fighting east and south of Ukraine.”

How does Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affect Mexico?

Mexico’s economy will be affected.

The conflict in Ukraine would inevitably hit hydrocarbon prices more strongly in international markets, causing more inflation globally and increasing the possibility of more aggressive hikes in interest rates across the board.

Since Mexico imports gasoline from the United States in the way it has been doing. Previously, Mexico had already spoken out about the situation in Ukraine.

There is also the problem of gas supply that would slow down industrial activity in the Euro Zone, which would probably cause the economy to fall again and since the GDP of the European Union represents a fifth of world GDP, it would be very likely that a fall repercussions globally, including Mexico.

In short it is cthus impossible to avoid an impact on the Mexican currency and in general on financial variables in Mexico.

For the moment, the Mexican Foreign Ministry, through Marcelo Ebrard, has reported that the Mexican ambassadors in Ukraine are safe, so that during the day it will be known the financial effects that will fall on the country due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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